Our Future of Work, Now podcast wraps up today. To mark the occasion, we took a look back at some of the most impactful moments, starting with our very first episode where we spoke to Paralympic Medalist Theresa Goh

Theresa and our other podcast guests provided unique views on what the future holds for businesses and communities. You can tune in to watch as host Jess O’Reilly recaps some of the highlights from our four-part series

Meanwhile, here are ten inspiring quotes to help you navigate the future of work:


Season one: Business as a Platform for Change

I don’t think my medals, successes, or failures define me as a person. What defines me is constant evolution….and making whatever change I think is necessary to become better and better.”

It is not enough to just focus on the bottom line. We know that when we provide value to all our stakeholders — and not just shareholders— everyone benefits. That means our customers, our partners, our employees, our community, and our planet.”

Season two: All-Digital, Work From Anywhere World

My advice for businesses of all sizes and sectors is to take the time to understand the power of AI. It is electricity for businesses and you’ll be left in the dark without it”

[In the digital world], you have to make that very deliberate step of disengaging when you need to. Even within my own team, we’ve been very busy this year and have gone through stressful times. But I remind everyone that we have annual leave and it is there for a purpose.”

There were a lot of people who wanted to work from home before the pandemic, but they were deemed lazy or seen to be slacking off. COVID-19 came along and it was a leveler. Everyone had to work from home and then we had to change how we looked at the workplace.”

Season three: Digital Imperative

There’s a great wave of innovation that is going to make it much more desirable to do things remotely.”

The reality is that while Asia is a beautiful part of the world to live in, it is not an easy place when it comes to payments or technology. Every single country is different and that ultimately creates a challenge. However, it is a wonderful opportunity if you can solve that challenge.”

Once you have data, it always makes you ask better questions and that is the beauty in teaching people about data. You teach them to ask better questions.”

Season four: Tech in Hyperspeed

When we talk to customers about creating a data culture, we encourage them to think about three fundamental pieces of the puzzle. The first is that you’ve got to build trust. The second is that you’ve got to cultivate talent. The third is you’ve got to drive commitment from the top down.”

It’s very important we put in that work to upskill ourselves and be fearless. AI and technology is not rocket science. You can learn the basics and sometimes the basics are all that you need.”

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