Even as vaccination drives are well underway, and governments are easing COVID-19 restrictions, working from home is still the norm for many companies.

If you’re working from home, it never hurts to check in on yourself. Make sure you have steps in place to keep your mental health and productivity at its best.

Staying connected with people is one way to stay mentally strong. When it comes to colleagues, don’t just message them. Make time to talk to them, look at their faces during video conferencing, and ask them about what they’ve been up to outside work.

You can also make new connections by joining community groups. We recommend joining community user groups that exchange knowledge and expertise, like the ones we have over at Trailblazer Community Groups. With Trailhead, plus the help of the Trailblazer community, you can learn in-demand skills and earn Salesforce certifications.

Read the infographic below for more tips on staying connected, managing your work, keeping your motivation up, and more.


This post originally appeared on the A.U.-version of the Salesforce blog.