Customer expectations have changed a lot since 2020. Finding the right technology to engage customers and grow relationships over the long term is now a top priority for small and fast-growing businesses. 

According to our fourth Small & Medium (SMB) Business Trends Report, more than three-quarters of SMB leaders said last year’s crises should be a catalyst for business improvement. 

SMB leaders cite these three factors when it comes to the technology contributing to business success: 

  • It drives my customer interactions (51%)
  • It influences my organisation’s ability to stay in business (46%)
  • It drives the growth of my customer base (42%)

SMB leaders are learning that technology can make a critical difference in the success and growth of their business. 

To learn more about this critical connection, we spoke to a few fast-growing SMBs at Salesforce Live: Asia. Read the infographic below to learn what they said worked for them.