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3 Key Takeaways from Our New Ebook: Unleashing Fintech’s Potential

3 Key Takeaways from Our New Ebook: Unleashing Fintech’s Potential

Fintech firms can take advantage of a growing market and cutting-edge technology to unleash their potential.

The ASEAN financial services sector has been through a transformation – moving from the periphery into the mainstream over the last few years. And it’s easy to see why – fintech has made managing finances easier and more accessible than ever.

Funding for fintech firms across ASEAN has exploded – investments in the first nine months of 2021 topped more than three times the total amount funded in 2020. The total amount invested is  more than US$3.5 million. 

The market opportunities are tremendous. To fully tap into them, fintech startups need more than just a great product or service idea. They also need platforms and technologies to help them win customers, accelerate business growth, and scale cost effectively.

Our new e-book, Unleashing Fintech’s Potential, looks at how fintech companies use technologies like Salesforce to thrive. With real-life examples from ten innovative companies, the e-book is a definitive guide to Salesforce’s capabilities for fintech.

Here are three key takeaways:

1. ASEAN is a hotbed of fintech innovation

Across ASEAN, around 290 million people remain unbanked, and only 18% of the population has access to credit. But thanks to increasing penetration of the internet, the fintech sector is bringing financial services to people who have, until now, been underserved. The tide is changing – recent research shows that more than half of consumers in Southeast Asia prefer digital payments. 

While the competition from techfin companies like Google and Amazon is fierce, fintech companies aren’t tackling it alone. Many are collaborating with other fintech firms, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), traditional banks, and even consumer goods businesses. Together, they benefit from shared customer networks and scale, while delivering agility and innovation in return.

To stay competitive, reach new customers, and engage with partners, fintech firms can look to tech solutions that let them connect and collaborate in a whole new way.

2. Salesforce helps fintech firms connect with customers in a smarter, faster way

Our goal at Salesforce is to bring companies and customers together. Through our market-leading Customer 360 platform, we help fintech firms engage with customers more meaningfully, deliver experiences that exceed expectations, and cultivate relationships that last a lifetime.

With Salesforce, digital lenders are streamlining their entire loan lifecycle, and making credit more accessible to millions of those underserved in ASEAN. In the e-book, you can read case studies from LendingTree, RCBC, and Tandem Bank, describing how they: 

  • Reduced average call times
  • Used automation to reduce credit investigation times
  • Shortened application times for customers

Insurtech firms are bringing their core insurance processes and policy lifecycles to the cloud. They have transformed the customer experience by streamlining claims management, and granted agents, brokers and customer service teams a 360-degree view of their customers. Using Salesforce technology, insurance companies have been able to improve customer service by deploying chatbots to triage customer support tickets, and maintain personalised service at scale.

That’s not all. In our e-book Unleashing Fintech’s Potential, you can read case studies from neobanks, payment companies, and wealthtech firms, from across the APAC region. 

Salesforce has entry-level products that are accessible and affordable for all kinds of fintech firms, regardless of size. Startups can start small, with just one or two solutions that best support their needs. As their business grows, Salesforce grows with them, giving them the scale and agility to succeed.

3. Gaining speed, agility, and scale is easy with Salesforce

Fintech firms around the world choose Salesforce for many reasons, including:

  • Quick time-to-market — Complete projects in months, not years
  • Easy customisation — Configure processes quickly through clicks, not code
  • Complete vision — Manage every customer interaction from a single platform
  • Continuous evolution — Enjoy new Salesforce innovations and seamless upgrades with three releases per year
  • Customer success — Amplify success by collaborating with a wide community of fintech Trailblazers and partners
  • Leading cloud marketplace — Browse through more than 8,000 apps to find a solution for just about every business challenge

Unleashing Fintech’s Potential

The demand for fintech in ASEAN is surging as more customers embrace digital banking, contactless payments, robo-advisors, and personal loan apps.

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