How CRM Helps Small and Medium Businesses Win Customers



Sales team

CRM helps cut down on admin tasks so sales teams can maximise their selling time and speed up the sales process. All of these things help your bottom line.

  • SMBs that use Sales Cloud see a +25% lift in their sales revenue*
  • SMBs that use Sales Cloud see a +22% improvement in their win rate*
  • SMBs that use Sales Cloud experience a 35% boost in their sales productivity*

CRM gives sales teams:

  1. A complete view of the sales timeline
  2. More accurate sales forecasting
  3. Visibility of prospects’ most recent account activities


Marketing team

A centralised database of customer data means you can build relationships quicker. A CRM platform also helps you automate many marketing tasks, leaving your marketing team more time to focus on generating leads.

  • SMBs that use Pardot and Marketing Cloud can see a +36% lift in marketing campaign effectiveness^
  • SMBs that use Pardot and Marketing Cloud see a +31% increase in qualified leads^
  • SMBs that use Pardot and Marketing Cloud see a +30% boost in marketing ROI^

Marketing teams using CRM can:

  1. Run multiple campaigns easily
  2. Get unprecedented visibility into results
  3. Easily prove ROI


Service team

The most customer-facing role, service teams need as much information as possible so that they can respond rapidly to customer needs. CRM technology helps your service team keep the heart of your business going.

  • 65% of growing SMBs use Customer Service software#
  • SMBs that use Service Cloud have seen a +26% boost in customer happiness✝
  • Personalising customer engagements is one of the top priorities for SMBs this year#

Service teams who use CRM have:

  1. Access to complete case histories
  2. Knowledge of customer communication preferences
  3. The power to create personalised service


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