5 Ways Financial Services Can Drive Profitability Through a Unified Customer Experience


Banks and insurers must evolve their customer experience to stay ahead. Here’s a snapshot of how technology can help build the omni-channel, seamless, and personalised experiences that can give your organisation a competitive advantage.


1. Leverage data as your most valuable asset

“The new goal is leveraging data to do more with less. Data integration enables your organisation to meet business demands, save time, reallocate resources, and improve customer engagement with personalised offers. Having this integrated view drives profitability. It’s always about reaching customers at the right place and right time with the right message,” says Cyril Cymbler, VP Financial Services Practice EMEA & ASEAN, Salesforce.

Fifty-two percent of customers expect companies to always personalise offers, and 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs.1


2. Make your customer experience a powerful differentiator

Customer experience is poised to take over price and product as the key differentiator for brands. Therefore, having a seamless, personalised, and unified customer experience can have a significant impact on the bottom line. 

Sixty-eight percent of customers say recent challenges have elevated their expectations for digital-first solutions. Yet, only 27% feel the financial services industry is customer-centric.2


3. Modernise business models to create new revenue streams

For example, embedding AI or automation technologies into existing processes can provide new opportunities that lead to enhanced efficiency and productivity.   

By 2023, 25% of APAC banks will use AI-based sentiment analysis to improve their customer experience.3


4. Reimagine your operations to create efficiencies and scale

According to Cymbler, there are four ways banks and insurers can improve profitability and the customer experience:

  1. Seamlessly migrate systems to the cloud
  2. Modernise processes by automating tasks
  3. Build stronger relationships through data insights provided by AI
  4. Upskill and reskill teams to strengthen human capital


5. Find a CRM that gives you a 360º view of your customer

“The main obstacle we observe in financial services is fragmentation of information. Having a single source of truth means everything related to the customer is accessible and you have a direct link to them,” Cymbler says.

One year after implementing Salesforce, financial services organisations achieved on average:

  • 26% increase in sales revenue
  • 25% decrease in service/support costs
  • 29% faster application deployment
  • 28% increase in insights-driven decision makin

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