How Does Salesforce Use Slack to Collaborate and Connect?


Astro: Thanks @Sam and @Mildred for talking with me today! I can’t wait to chat with you about Slack. How long have you been using Slack? 

Sam: I’ve been using Slack since Salesforce implemented it. I used it for about a year and half in a previous job, too. 

Mildred: I’ve been on Slack for three months now — I’m totally new to it so I’ve been learning all about the technology. For example, what channels are and how they work.


Astro: Was the move to Slack difficult? 

Mildred: It was a bit of a change at first! I’m familiar with how it works now, though. I like the different features, like workflows and info sharing in real time.


Astro: How does Slack influence your day-to-day work? 

Sam: We immediately replaced a lot of inefficient team meetings. I can get updates from my team throughout the day, instead of tying up everyone’s time in a long meeting. It’s easier to keep everyone on track around each project too! Since all the updates are given in our #SSPO team channel, everyone can see what other team members are up to, and understand where their work fits in. 

Sam: I can also share feedback from the senior leadership team for everyone to digest at their own pace. It’s great for sharing information simultaneously to any group size. 


Astro: Do you use Slack for your day-to-day communication? 

Sam: Definitely – Slack is our primary communication platform. We use separate channels to collaborate on all the projects we’re working on, and we have a team channel for general updates. 

Mildred: We use Huddles, which is a quick phone call inside the Slack app, for impromptu conversations.

Mildred: Slack is very fast. You can just tap an emoji as a quick reaction. For example, to let someone know you’re looking into their question, you can use the looking eyes emoji.

Astro: I love the emojis too! 

Mildred: Like @Sam said, having a dedicated channel for each project makes it really easy to find links to all documents in one place, even if they’re kept in different systems. I recently found out you can share your screen when you’re in a Huddle — that’s a really useful feature that I really like. 


Astro: What about company-wide communication? Do you communicate with other parts of Salesforce?

Sam: Well, there’s the company wide #all-salesforce channel, of course! It has about 80,000 people in it. 

Astro: Wow, that’s a lot! 

Mildred: It’s great — it means we can get communication straight from the leadership. Our global leaders can post big company announcements, direct to the channel. 

Astro: What about collaboration with other departments? Has Slack changed the way you communicate with other teams? 

Sam: Absolutely! Any combination you can think of, we probably have a Slack channel for it — collaboration across teams, sub-teams within our department, and with our business partners.

Mildred: It’s totally changed the way we interact with our stakeholders, too. We can collaborate with teams across time zones, and share resources and updates. Slack makes everything much simpler. 


Astro: Is Slack useful when you're working from home, @Sam? 

Sam: Lots of people are still working from home here in Singapore, and having a collaborative platform like Slack really empowers the Success From Anywhere approach. We’re setting up ways of working that mean people can work and be successful from wherever they are. Working from home is so much easier and more efficient with Slack.


Astro: What advice would you give to any organisation considering using Slack? 

Sam: I would say that it’s the perfect user interface for communicating, collaborating, and connecting with your customers, partners and teams – it truly is a Digital Headquarters. If you want to engage with your customers and your employees, Slack can bring a bit of fun to the experience, while boosting productivity. It’s something anyone can use.

Mildred: It really does encourage transparency and open culture. It helps us optimise our partnerships with different teams. It’s a whole new playbook for engaging with everyone in the organisation. 


Astro: Are there any parts of Slack that you think people don’t use enough? 

Sam: The video message feature for sure – we use that a lot in our team. 

Mildred: I have Google Calendar integrated into my Slack, which means I get reminders for calls and meetings. You can use Slack to take notes too — another way you can keep everything in one place! 


Astro: One final question — what’s your favourite emoji? 

Sam: Whatever pops into my head at the time I’m also a big thumbs up fan!.

Mildred: I like cheering hands.


Astro: Thank you for talking to me @Sam and @Mildred. It’s been great. If anyone out there wants to know more, here’s our guide to Slack!