Three Sales Trends You Can Leverage to Inspire Your Team


1. Align your teams

High performing sales teams are 25% more likely to have business priorities clearly communicated to them by their managers.

Percentage of sales professionals who say their manager has clearly communicated business priorities:

  • High performers: 91%
  • Moderate performers: 88%
  • Underperformers: 73%

Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce, ASEAN: “The world, customer needs, and workplace operations have changed. You need to build a sales culture that adapts to the new and constantly changing business reality. Now, more than ever, sales leaders need to motivate teams and align representatives to common objectives.”


2. Invest in skills

Making sure your teams are constantly re-evaluating their skills is vital to make sure they’re keeping up with trends.

  • 64% of organisations are reskilling existing employees.
  • 47% of organisations are hiring new employees.

Cecily Ng, Area Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce, Singapore: “To succeed in the new normal, you need to build a resilient sales culture. Reskilling and retraining are critical. Encourage people to have a mindset for learning, as doing so will drive innovation and growth for your business, now and in the future.”


3. Build customer trust

In the current global economic climate, the importance of building trust with your customers has never been greater.

Percentage of sales reps who say that the following has increased in importance:

  • 86% say long-term customer relationships
  • 83% say building trust before a sale
  • 80% say building trust after a sale

Tahsin Alam, Vice President & GM Indonesia & Philippines, Salesforce: “Get to know your customers better by understanding their pain points and ensuring your products meet their specific needs. Bottom line, you need to be talking to them directly and be perceived as a trusted partner.”


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