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Achieve Digital Transformation Step by Step With Customer 360

Achieve Digital Transformation Step by Step With Customer 360

Which Salesforce products are right for your digital transformation? Take the Create Your Own Customer 360 Package quiz to find out.

You’ve decided that you’re ready for digital transformation, you’ve developed a strategy, and you might have even begun implementing it. Now, it’s time to configure the Customer 360 platform to serve the specific needs of your business.

Customer 360 consists of more than a dozen independent products, or ‘apps’, which can either be used on their own or linked together. 

This modular approach means you only implement the components your business actually needs. You and your team can enjoy streamlined workflows, with the option to add or remove apps if and when you need to.

Further customisation is possible within each app, or you can use them straight out of the box — whichever suits you better.

How do you figure out which products are right for your digital transformation? 

It’s simple: just complete the Create Your Own Customer 360 Package quiz for an accurate summary of which apps will benefit you the most.

Read on for a couple of examples of how Salesforce Customer 360 can be configured, plus some top-line questions to think about before you dive into the quiz.

Unique solutions for every sector

Salesforce’s core industry solutions are for Financial Services, Media, Communications, Energy, Utilities, and Manufacturing. That said, Customer 360 can be configured to provide solutions for any business.

For example, a growing retail business that has just started selling online might add the Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud apps to its Customer 360 platform. 

The business can use the Commerce Cloud app to personalise each customer purchase and to sell through any channel. It can also use the Marketing Cloud app for curating hyper-personalised customer journeys, based on deep customer insights

Another example: a subscriber-based media business in the midst of a digital transformation might select the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud apps.

The Sales Cloud app helps maintain in-depth records for each subscriber, track sales opportunities, and review sales forecasts. Service Cloud provides advanced call-centre management and insights into every customer interaction.

Visit our industry solutions suite to learn how Salesforce can help any industry work from anywhere.

Which Customer 360 apps should I choose?

Which apps could benefit your business the most? To prep for the Salesforce Customer 360 quiz, consider the following questions:

What is it you want to do?

Every business wants to prosper, but each has different ideas about how to achieve that prosperity. Is the goal of your digital transformation to achieve more leads? Shorten your sales funnel? Improve customer satisfaction? Or something else?

The answer (or answers) to this question will lead you to the Customer 360 apps that can make your digital transformation a success.

Who’s going to use the platform?

Knowing which of your departments will start using Customer 360 is another effective way to identify the specific apps you need. As time goes on and you roll out the platform to other departments, more apps can be considered.

Each app you choose can be tailored for use by certain people within a department. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know from the outset who those people will be. For example, Sales Cloud can be used differently by sales reps, sales leaders, and service agents.

Should you opt for a package designed for small or new businesses?

If your business is young, you may not yet know exactly how you will use the Customer 360 platform, and that’s OK. 

Salesforce has off-the-shelf solutions for fledgling businesses, such as our Salesforce Essentials package. If you are new to using a CRM, this package contains everything you need to get up and running. 

As your business grows, the Customer 360 Package quiz or a Salesforce rep can help you modify your platform.

Could you benefit from a business collaboration space?

Any business that’s planning digital transformation should consider how its team members will communicate while working. That’s especially important if employees are working remotely in various parts of the world.

Consider using Slack.

In July 2021, Salesforce acquired Slack. Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that brings people and tools together in one place. This helps teams to stay productive and aligned from anywhere

Slack is used by millions of people around the world and enables entire organisations to work far more efficiently and effortlessly.

Adapting to every step of your digital transformation

As your organisation grows and you begin to reap the rewards of digital transformation, you can add functionality to your Customer 360 platform in order to amplify your gains. 

In fact, using more apps within the Customer 360 platform directly correlates with positive business outcomes. Almost three quarters (72%) of businesses using more than one Customer 360 app report improved time to ROI, while 95% of those with two or more apps report improved efficiency and productivity.

Want to ensure your digital transformation succeeds but aren’t sure where to start? We can help you. Take the Customer 360 Package quiz to learn which Salesforce apps will benefit you the most. Soon, you’ll be on your way to realising your digital transformation vision.

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