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Here’s How Salesforce Creates Jobs & Nurtures Tech Talent in Singapore

Salesforce Creates Jobs and Nurtures Tech Talent in Singapore. Here's How.

Learn more about how Trailhead Academy connects mid-career professionals in Singapore with new Salesforce career opportunities.

The Salesforce ecosystem is booming across Asia. More companies are turning to Salesforce to better understand their customers. As such, demand for Salesforce-literate professionals at our customer organisations is growing. 

From 2018 to 2024, Salesforce will create 8,500 new direct jobs, and more than 17,000 indirect jobs, in Singapore.

Those jobs need to be filled. That’s why Trailhead Academy and Workforce Singapore created the Salesforce Professional Conversion Program (PCP). The program connects mid-career professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) with Salesforce career opportunities.

The program is a win-win for employees and employers. PMETs will be ready to build careers in the Salesforce economy. Salesforce customers will also have access to a talent pool of budding Salesforce professionals.

5 Salesforce roles for PMETs

The PCP equips PMETs for new Salesforce career opportunities. It focuses on five key Salesforce roles. These include:

  • Salesforce Administrators assist with data quality projects, and learn how to develop automated data cleansing routines. The role also involves implementing systems security and integrity controls, developing and delivering end-user training, and troubleshooting email campaigns, workflows, approval cycles and auto-responders.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants support the sales team to create solutions for prospects and customers. This involves developing customised sales process solutions, and coordinating the entire Sales Cloud solution cycle.
  • Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud Consultants carry out all duties of a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant. The role also extends to developing customised customer service and support solutions, and coordinating the entire Service Cloud solution cycle.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants support the Marketing Operations Manager and other key stakeholders in the development of electronic direct mail (EDM) processes and marketing automation initiatives. They’ll also assist with the implementation of lead generation campaigns, and manage ad trafficking and quality control processes.
  • Salesforce Platform Developers develop customised Salesforce platform solutions, and support the formulation, deployment and maintenance of critical applications. They’ll also prepare test data, and plan and conduct module and application testing.

SGTech administers the six-month program, and Salesforce customers employ trainees for the duration of the program. That ensures trainees experience a mix of classroom learning facilitated by Salesforce, and structured on-the-job training at employer organisations.

How PCP helped Workato hire the Salesforce talent it needed

Automation platform provider Workato needed fast access to experienced professionals to scale up. 

“The PCP has been instrumental in scaling our operations in Singapore,” says Allan Teng, Managing Director and VP Asia-Pacific and Japan at Workato. “It has helped us find and train many local candidates for our open positions very quickly. 

“This is made possible by opening many of our positions to candidates with experience from other industries. Then we put them through a combination of structured and on-the-job training. This is subsidised by the government to help them get ready for a career switch into tech.”

Steven Hoon, Senior Business Transformation Manager at Workato, successfully made that career switch. He is now helping train his team on Salesforce with Trailhead.

“I helped administer Salesforce and perform app integrations,” he explains. “I spent quite a lot of time self-learning on Trailhead. I obtained my Salesforce Certified Administrator title within six months.”

“Now, I‘m showing my team the right place to learn more about Salesforce within the Trailhead platform.”

Enabling the careers of tomorrow

The Salesforce ecosystem will generate more than $2.5 billion annual revenue by 2024. That’s in Singapore alone.

Increasing global uptake of cloud computing is a powerful trend that’s driving the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem. From the beginning of 2019 to the end of 2024, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will grow 19% per year, from $147 billion to $418 billion.

That suggests many future career opportunities will lie in the cloud. Salesforce and Trailhead Academy are providing clear pathways for PMETs to access those opportunities.

Want to learn more?

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