Salesforce Files FAQ

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What is Salesforce Files?

Salesforce Files allows you to share, collaborate on files on any device. Salesforce Files delivers real-time file syncing across all devices including desktop, cloud and mobile.

Can I share files that are stored in the Salesforce File sync folder on my desktop?

Yes, once you place a file in your sync folder, you can share the file with People, Groups or Records just like you can a standard Salesforce file.

Is Salesforce Files private?


Is there a mobile app?

Salesforce Files are available in the Chatter Mobile app that you can purchase from the AppStore.

Can I download synced files for offline access on mobile devices?

Yes, users can select which files to have available offline

What desktop platforms does Salesforce Files support?

Windows & Mac

When will Salesforce File sync be generally available?

Salesforce Files sync is currently in private beta, and will be generally available in the first half of 2014.

How is this different from Chatterbox?

Announced at Dreamforce 2012, we announced Chatterbox, which would be the new sync functionality within Salesforce Files. We have continued to build on that announcement. With Salesforce Files you will be able to sync files across all of your devices (as was announced with Chatterbox), while integrating them into business.

Our strategic investment in files is a response to customer requests to have files that are mobile and deeply connected to business. You will see continued innovation, making files easier and more connected to business than ever.

Why don’t you call it Chatterbox any more?

Files are such a critical part of our strategy and fundamental they are to the success of all of our customers, and embedded into all of our product lines. Chatter is still the social heart of our platform, but our Salesforce Files solution goes beyond file sharing and collaboration, enabling direct connection to enterprise file repositories and attachment of files to sales opportunities, service cases and marketing campaigns.

How can our company get into the pilot for Salesforce Files sync?

Please contact your account executive to be nominated for the private beta.

How much does Salesforce Files sync cost, and how much space will I get?

Salesforce Files sync will be available to all Chatter Users. Pricing and storage will be announced when Generally Available.

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