Top 10 Ways To Use Chatter

Chatter is the social tool that helps people and companies work better, together. But how exactly do you begin? Here are our top 10 ways to start transforming the way you work.


Get answers (not emails)

Next time you have a question for the pricing team, marketing, or any other department, don’t send an email blast—post the question to Chatter and get answers from people you wouldn’t think to include. Job done.

Brainstorm ideas

Use Chatter as a first-round focus group to test ideas with your coworkers. Start with a provocative question and get involved in the discussion. Pop in and out whenever an idea strikes you–no matter what time it is, or where you are.

Share large files effortlessly

Big files clog everyone’s email inbox, and version control is impossible. But it’s easy to share files with Chatter—just drag and drop, and your collaboraters see updates instantly. Plus, they can make comments right on the file.

Share sites, articles, videos & more

Whenever you find something relevant to your business, share it instantly with Chatter. Just post them in your feed to circulate. Plus you can follow discussions, “like” posts and even bookmark them.

Manage projects–together

Even the smallest projects can involve a lot of people and moving parts. Chatter allows you to make working groups so everyone stays in the loop and has one place to go for what’s happening.

Solve customer issues

When a customer has a problem, you often need to work with people across your company to solve the issue quickly. Loop in teams of experts instantly to swarm on the issue, get solutions fast – and keep customers happy.

Connect with experts

Now you can ask a question with Chatter and get the answer you need from someone you’ve never even met. In seconds. Just post the query on your wall or strike up a live chat instantly. No more wasted time.

Collaborate without boundaries

You work in New York. But you need to work with someone in Nebraska. Or Helsinki. Chatter is the best way to help everyone feel connected and tap into expertise anywhere. Groups is a great place to start.

Work with confidence, confidentially

Departments like HR, finance, legal and others need to discuss sensitive information in a secure, private setting. Chatter’s private groups ensure these conversations remain confidential without stopping the flow of ideas.

Prepare together, meet less

Instead of spending time in endless meetings working on customer presentations, post your slides, questions, and feedback on Chatter to save time and do more business. Chatter users report having 27% fewer meetings.

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