Fill out your profile

Profiles help you get to know your colleagues and share expertise

Profiles create a business directory for your company inside Chatter, so get started by filling in information about yourself. At a company with many employees, you may not always know everyone; profiles are a space to showcase who you are to the rest of your company.

Your profile picture Your profile picture
The first thing to do in Chatter is upload a profile picture to help your coworkers put a face to a name. Make sure it’s a photo of you and not a group of people or a pet. Remember, Chatter is a business tool, so choose a photo you don’t mind showing your boss and CEO.
Contact information
Chatter makes it easy to look up phone numbers and email addresses for everyone in your company. Be sure to enter the appropriate contact information so others know how to reach you. This is especially handy when you’re on a mobile device.
Contact information
About me About me
The about me section is your chance to introduce yourself to your company. You may want to include your department, your areas of expertise, an overview of your job, and other professional details like past work experience.