Best practices

Tips for making the most of Chatter

who sees what

Understand who sees what
Anyone at your company can see what you post on the Chatter tab, on your profile page, and in a public group. However, the posts you make on records, like accounts and opportunities, are only visible to those who have access to that record. The same applies for private groups: Only people who are members of a private group can view posts made to that group.

Control your email notifications
Chatter sends you email notifications based on your email settings. To change your email settings navigate to Setup --> Personal Setup --> My Chatter Settings --> Chatter Email Settings. You can also control the frequency of notifications for your private and public groups on that page.

email notifications

Take advantage of Chatter recommendations
Chatter is a great application for discovering things you didn’t know about, such as projects, marketing campaigns, big deals, or interesting discussions. Use the “Recommendations” on the right hand side of the Chatter tab to discover new things that will help make your job easier.

Know what you're following
Every so often, review the people and records you're following, and which groups you're part of to make sure everything is still relevant.


Use @mentions to loop people into conversations
Use an @mention to loop someone into the conversation. Maybe you want to notify a coworker about a deal or a project, or simply give someone some kudos for a job well done. Use an @mentions to loop someone into the conversation and help keep conversations on Chatter.