These Two Things Make Salesforce Singapore's #1 Best Place to Work

Career Story Update: Alvin has recently changed roles - he now leads Success Management for the Salesforce Small Medium Business portfolio of customers across our International regions (which is made up of EMEA, APAC & LATAM). The team's mission is to transform the International ESMB (Emerging Small Business) customers' experience with our solutions, finding new ways to make them successful in their Salesforce journey. 
What makes Salesforce Singapore's #1 Best Place to Work? Alvin Liew, Senior Director, Success Specialist says it's our commitment to our customers' success and the passion for our Ohana (“family” in Hawaiian) that has kept us at the top of the list for the fourth consecutive year!

How did your Salesforce adventure begin?

In early 2012, I was managing a team of Success Managers for J-APAC at another company but heard that Salesforce Asia was growing and hiring their very first Customer Success Director for the region. I had always known Salesforce from a competitor perspective, but the more I read up about the company, the more I was impressed with its values, the focus on giving back and Ohana culture. The company's investment in innovation and its customer-centric approach were impressive. Lucky enough to have been offered the role, I jumped at the opportunity to join Salesforce, and have never looked back!

Can you tell us more about your job as a senior director for the success specialist team, and what you love about what you do?

As part of the APAC Customer Success Group (CSG) leadership team, I've had the privilege to help expand and steer this growing team with the singular focus of making our APAC customers successful. The leadership team translates the big picture from headquarters in San Francisco into an operating model that excels in our region. This includes areas like how we attract and develop talent, how we engage a diverse customer base across 10 countries and cultures, and how we tailor our services, renewals and other CSG functions for the region.

Change is pretty rapid here, so be ready to ride the wave and take on new challenges. I am a prime example of this — I'm in my third role in six years! After a fulfilling tenure as a Success Manager in the region, then globally — I was presented a new opportunity to help our CSG team launch the Accelerator program in APAC. Accelerators are short, targeted 1:1 engagements delivered by an expert to help our Premier customers grow in their adoption of our technology. For example, a Sales Cloud Specialist that builds a prototype Dashboard to help a customer have a better view of their sales pipeline. Curious to learn more about our Accelerator program? Sign up for an upcoming webinar here.

It was an exciting opportunity to build something new from the ground, so that started my journey in the Success Specialist ecosystem. Functionally, I lead two teams: the Field Specialist team that delivers Accelerators across the region, and our APAC Success Center team who focus on helping our smaller customers be successful.

Why Salesforce, why now?

We just made history by crossing the $10B revenue mark in such a short time, and 25% Y-o-Y growth for a 30K+ person company is an amazing feat. I'm incredibly excited to be here for the same reasons I joined six years ago... an Ohana built on the values of Trust, Innovation, Growth, and Equality. This company allows each of us to bring our authentic self to work each day and be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where innovation is the only constant, all while giving back to our communities. How do you beat that?

Quick facts about me:

I'm born and raised in Singapore, but spent over 10 years in the US for college and work. I returned to do my MBA at INSEAD and never left! Singapore has 2 national sports — shopping and eating, but unfortunately I only excel at the latter! I would say that the breadth and depth of the food culture here is among the best in the world.
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