Transformational customer success

The Quality Engineering team at prides itself on its perfectionism. We won’t settle for anything less than delivering the best product to our customers.

About you...

  • You're "Smart, Gets things done" + passionate about software engineering.
  • while ( ! ( succeed = try() ) );
  • You've used ssh on your iPhone over 3G to remotely reboot your home Debian server.
  • Your ideas for the next big thing keep you awake at night.
  • You've considered writing code to notify you of cancelled reservations on OpenTable so you can get a seat at a restaurant in the city.

Top 5 reasons to join our team

  1. We are an enterprise company. Quality is not only highly valued at, it's essential.
  2. We are broken into small teams. There's room for everyone to have an impact.
  3. We're in downtown San Francisco across from the Ferry Building, with an inspiring view of the Bay, excellent public transportation options, and a wealth of things to do within walking distance.
  4. We pay at the top of the market.
  5. We do AJAX, No SQL, iOS, Android, REST... the list goes on (and so will the things you'll learn).