We’re passionate about design!

The User Experience team designs great experiences that ensure our customers’ success. Our highly skilled team members are named in 59 technology patents.


We design great experiences

We on the User Experience team are responsible for making sure that our features are always easy to use, understand, and learn. Our first-rate researchers, interaction designers, and visual designers help us accomplish this goal. We pride ourselves on listening closely to our users throughout the design process to ensure that we deliver products that surpass their needs.

About you...

  • Interaction Design: Complexity is your enemy. Your mission in life is to design products that delight.
  • Visual Design: You think in pixels and patterns and work closely with the interaction designer to breathe beautiful simplicity into our suite of products.
  • Research: You’re passionate about your users and you translate their voice into insights that Product Development understands.

Top 5 reasons to join our team

  1. Work with, learn from, and mentor some of the industry’s most passionate designers and researchers.
  2. Enjoy from-the-top-down support for amazing design and research.
  3. Innovate on Universal Designs experiences that translate across browsers, mediums, devices, and users.
  4. Connect with customers directly to feel their love—and sometimes their frustrations.
  5. See the impact of what you’ve created, multiplied by millions.