Fuji Xerox increases productivity by 200 hours a week with Salesforce CRM

SYDNEY, September 21, 2009 -- Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that Fuji Xerox has enjoyed massive productivity gains in only the first month of its Salesforce CRM deployment. Fuji Xerox went live with Salesforce CRM in July 2009 after the failure of several previous CRM projects including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Salesforce.com’s cloud offering enabled deployment in ten days, the ability to scale quickly and easily and allows the sales team to access the application from anywhere – increasing productivity by 200 hours per week across sales executives.

Fuji Xerox has a 100% channel go-to-market strategy and places a huge emphasis on supporting and managing its channel partners. It has rolled out licenses across the internal and field partner engagement representatives, as well as Salesforce CRM Mobile, to better track partner engagement and their customer success. In addition, it has been able to quickly customize the application to pull through partner sales data giving complete visibility into partner success and where additional support may be required.

Ken Kozak, SMB Channel Manager, Fuji Xerox said: “We desperately needed a CRM tool improve our partner engagement. We had limited contact details and engagement history in a mix of multiple spreadsheets, address books and people’s heads. Salesforce CRM has allowed us to consolidate all records in a single repository, get new staff up to speed quickly, and provide much better support to our partner network.”

Fuji Xerox has been able to:

- Use dashboards and analysis tools to identify top accounts. Several accounts were identified that had previously received very little support but were amongst the most important partners. Fuji Xerox was able to increase focus on these accounts to help them grow even further.

- Free up sales teams to focus on key accounts and partner engagement rather than sales administration. For instance, Salesforce CRM can mine and identify opportunities, meaning sales execs spend time selling, not doing pivot tables.

- Gain a much better view into the sales pipeline providing improved granularity and far more accurate forecasting.

- Mashup partner records with Google Maps, giving sales representatives quick and easy address details and directions.

Salesforce CRM Mobile is providing additional benefits, allowing sales teams to access and update information from their iPhone immediately after appointments. This integration and the access anywhere nature of salesforce.com’s cloud model was a major appeal for Fuji Xerox.

Kozak continued: “Salesforce CRM has become an invaluable tool for us. The only way to build a successful channel business is to get out and speak to the channel, but we needed the tools to be able to do this. Because Salesforce CRM is in the cloud we only need a web browser or a mobile device and we can keep records up to date in real-time as we go. It’s given us an enormous amount of the day back and vastly increased our productivity.”

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