Enterprises in Asia Pacific Embrace Social Enterprise Collaboration and Cloud 2

Salesforce Chatter beta customers in APAC report lower email volume, faster insights, and better communication across employees, content and applications

SINGAPORE, 25 May 2010 –, the enterprise cloud computing company, announced today that more than 50 customers in Asia Pacific are now experiencing Salesforce Chatter as part of the company’s private beta program. Salesforce Chatter is the first social enterprise collaboration solution with profiles, status updates and real-time feeds for an organization’s people, applications and data - accelerating the shift to the next cloud computing paradigm, Cloud 2.

\"We are on the precipice of a major shift in our industry,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, “The first generation of cloud computing leveraged new technologies to deliver software that is low cost, fast, and easy to use on the desktop. We are now in the era of Cloud 2, where use of social networking has surpassed e-mail, use of Facebook has outpaced search, and new mobile devices like the iPad have created entirely new ways to interact with information.

\"The end of legacy collaboration software like Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Notes is here. Salesforce Chatter changes the game for collaboration in the enterprise - all without the cost and complexity of software,\" Benioff added. customers in the private beta are also able to tap into “anytime, anywhere” access with Chatter's real-time feeds via BlackBerry or iPhone mobile devices.

Chatter beta customers in Asia Pacific include: Alpha Autism (Australia), Altium (Australia), Aussie Whitegoods Rescue (Australia), Bajaj Auto Finance (India), Datarati (Australia), 3dInteractive (Australia), Ffreedom (India), Helutrans (Singapore), Netwealth Investments Limited (Australia), Sena Technologies (Korea), TalkingTech (Australia), Walton International Group (Hong Kong), and ZettaServe (Australia).

When Chatter becomes generally available later this year, all of’s more than 77,300 customers can instantly deploy its social, collaborative and real-time capabilities as part of their existing Salesforce CRM or custom applications.

Comments on the News
• “The introduction of Chatter has brought the whole team, including remote offices, closer together. The ability to follow people, accounts and opportunities means we are updated and aware of any information that may impact on our respective roles and/or sales and marketing outcomes,” said Matt Heine, Executive Director, Netwealth Investments Limited. “A fantastic tool.”
• \"Chatter is yet another innovation from that allows us to take immediate action on the insights from our CRM data,” said Will Scully Power, Business Manager, Datarati. “We have now started to see how the 'Consumerprise' is taking shape and see Chatter as yet another tool in our collaboration arsenal.\"
• “Chatter is an extremely welcome addition to our Salesforce experience. The ability to integrate social interaction with our business systems will mean significant improvements in communication and the ability for our management team to quickly and easily follow changes in the status of projects, key data/documents and lead development all straight from the Chatter feed,” said David Forder, Executive Director, The Retail Space. “As a productivity and communication tool it will add real value to our systems here.”
• \"Chatter just worked, right out of the box,” said Craig Steddy, Finance and CRM Systems, ZettaServe. “Our management team now has much greater visibility of what is happening with prospects and customers in both sales and support.\"
• \" is indispensable for Alpha Autism running its Drawtism fundraising campaign, and Chatter has taken productivity to a whole new level,” said Wojciech Nadachowski, Coordinator, Alpha Autism. “Since we started using Chatter, I now receive live and instant updates on critical campaign related tasks by team members. Be it when the IT guys import the latest data set, or when Drawtism's fundraising hosts are being contacted by our remote call centre, I know when all this happens without anyone having to send me an email.\"

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