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Why has the Privacy Statement changed? has updated its Privacy Statement to provide greater clarity, to reflect current business practices, and to permit the use of new technologies that provide Web site visitors a more personalized experience. Please note that the updated Privacy Statement does not make any changes regarding’s handling of or obligations to Customer Data. For more information about’s practices with respect to Customer Data, please click here.

What changes have been made to the Privacy Statement?

The updated Privacy Statement states that may utilize third-party cookies to provide advertisements about products and services that are tailored to your interests and assist the Company in managing and tracking the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.  To learn more about these and other advertising networks and their opt-out instructions, click here.

The updated Privacy Statement also states that when individuals express an interest in products or services offered jointly by and other companies, may share information provided with the other companies who are jointly offering that product or service. If you do not specifically express interest in a jointly-offered product or service, will not share your information with other companies that are not acting as our service provider. 

Additionally, a section on international transfers has been added to the Privacy Statement to clarify that may transfer information collected on this Web site to other countries. Such transfers may occur to facilitate’s global business operations. Please note that the commitments makes in this Privacy Statement shall apply no matter where the information is transferred.

To whom does the updated Privacy Statement apply?

The updated Privacy Statement will apply to all visitors to’s Web sites and customers of’s services.

When do the revisions take effect?

The updated Privacy Statement becomes effective on September 18th, 2010.

Can I view the previous Privacy Statement?

The previous Privacy Statement is available here.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Contact Privacy by clicking here.