What makes Salesforce
the #1 AI CRM?

Salesforce brings a unified copilot into the flow of work for your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other teams. Our trusted AI is grounded in your customer data, so you can close deals faster, resolve more cases, and boost revenue.

30 %
increased revenue
after implementing sales AI
29 %
faster case resolution
after implementing customer service AI
30 %
increase in conversion
after implementing marketing AI

What sets Salesforce apart?


Salesforce, the leading CRM, offers a unified AI platform tailored to your business needs. Create intelligent experiences enriched with your data, metadata, and proprietary models, helping you streamline sales pipeline management, drive revenue growth, and expedite case handling processes.

Unified, Actionable Data

Build generative AI that's natively connected to your metadata and harmonised data from Data Cloud for more relevant outcomes. Deliver machine learning (ML) insights in the flow of work without expensive model training.

Flexible, Conversational AI

Einstein Copilot provides flexible, conversational AI. Engage in multi-turn conversations, while the planner service uses the full context of the user's data, metadata, prompts, and workflows to determine the right set of business actions.


Benefit from the scale of foundation LLMs, or safely bring your own model without compromising data privacy and security. Monitor and improve the accuracy of AI across your business with auditing, feedback, and more from the Einstein Trust Layer.

These companies do better business with Salesforce AI.

Salesforce AI CRM FAQ

Salesforce's AI offerings are grouped into packages and priced on a per-user, per-month model — much like many other Salesforce products. This gives you assurance that your employees always have access to predictive and generative AI to get their work done faster. For more information on pricing, chat with our sales experts.

Data Cloud puts all of your data to work for your customers. It is deeply embedded in the Einstein 1 Platform, which means any external data lake or warehouse can now drive actions and workflows inside of your CRM. Data Cloud is about more than just bringing data together. It’s about bringing entire organisations together around the customer to improve experiences and drive growth.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot is a conversational AI assistant integrated into the Salesforce Platform designed to enhance user productivity by providing AI-driven suggestions and automating routine tasks within the Salesforce ecosystem.

A reasoning engine is an AI system that mimics human grade decision-making and problem-solving capabilities based on certain rules, data, and logic. Einstein Copilot’s reasoning engine interacts with a large language model (LLM) by analysing the full context of the user’s prompt, determining the actions or series of actions to use, and generating the output.

AI prompt builders help users create and refine prompts to get quality output from an LLM. Some of the typical features include the ability to write instructions, provide grounding data, configure LLM parameters, and test the prompt against an LLM. Salesforce's Prompt Builder uniquely secures user data, allows customers to build trusted prompts using clicks, and grounds the prompts with relevant CRM data.

AI for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into CRM systems to enhance customer interactions, streamline processes, improve overall efficiency and drive revenue growth.