Customer portal

With a Service Cloud customer portal, your customers can get service on their own,
24 hours a day. They can get case updates and search the knowledge base, all without picking up the phone. Your customers and agents can even interact in the ideas and answers communities.You'll see loyalty go up while your service costs go down.


Provide easy self-service, 24x7

Your customers can log cases and get updates 24x7. All with the intuitive user experience for which Salesforce is famous. The result—higher customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Deliver a tailored Web experience

With Salesforce CRM, everything is customizable. You can create a branded portal that fits your company to a tee. Deploy different portals for different customer groups. Even build out custom functionality that goes well beyond case management.

Crowd-source your knowledge

Keeping your service community engaged comes naturally with Salesforce CRM. Let customers post ideas, vote on the ideas of their peers, and add their own comments. Everyone wins: Customers can solve their own issues, and you get better customer insight.

Deliver rich content in an engaging experience

It’s time you went well beyond simple self-service. Deliver rich-content presentations and documentation plus tools that make it easy for customers to find what’s relevant and popular.

Allow customers to create reports and track their service

Deliver complete analytic capabilities to your customers so they can track their own service histories over time and monitor their own SLAs. This approach creates a more engaging self-service experience and reduces the burden on your agents.