Social communities

Smart companies recognize the value of collaborating with customers and tapping into the wisdom of the crowd, to capture the best answers and most innovative ideas. Spark conversations, capture knowledge, and harness the innovative potential of social networks.


Crowd-source your knowledge


Your customers can seek help from others in the community with the Answers feature. They can ask questions and vote on Answers, and you can capture the best information in the knowledge base.

Give your communities a voice


The ideas community offers an online, interactive forum where your customers can share, discuss, and vote on ideas or issues so that the most valuable information bubbles up to the top. The community plays an active role in shaping its voice and enriching conversations.

Get insight into your communities


With Salesforce CRM’s easy-to-use analytics engine, you can identify at a glance the top ideas and issues, drill deeper into voting behavior, and slice and dice the data any number of ways.

Understand your community better


Because your ideas community is integrated with the rest of Salesforce CRM, you can enrich the profiles of your contacts with updated feeds of their community activities. You’ll get an even more comprehensive view of customers.

Turn the top ideas into reality


With the Service Cloud, there’s no reason to sit on the sidelines of these customer conversations. Let your customers know you’re listening to their feedback by adding your own comments and using the ideas in action feature to show how you’re implementing their ideas.