South African Tourism scores with Service Cloud

32 nations, 350,000 visitors, and only one month to launch a global call center.
Sounds next to impossible, right? South African Tourism didn’t think so. Rather than splurge on servers and software and an army of consultants, South African Tourism called on Service Cloud.

Lower costs and higher quality’s Service Cloud is the next-generation platform for customer service. Because everything is online—in the cloud—there’s no need to buy infrastructure or manage complex software.

Not only are costs much lower, the quality of information is higher. Service Cloud lets you tap into the power of customer conversations no matter where they happen. You can harness the know-how found on your Web site, in a customer’s tweet on Twitter, or in a discussion between friends on Facebook. Your agents get smarter. Your enterprise knowledge increases. And you gain insight into real customer needs.

Multiple channels, real-time answers, 24/7

Within weeks, South African Tourism was live on multiple channels—phone, email, Web self-service, Twitter, and Facebook. Anything a visitor might want to know is immediately accessible. The nearest hotel to the stadium? Check. A great place to sample local cuisine? No problem. Details on tickets, transportation, even the best place to snag an autograph can all be shared in real time.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

Visitors to South Africa have so many questions, and South African Tourism is on the hook to answer all of them. They know that a world-class event demands world-class service. And that’s what they’re delivering, with an assist from Service Cloud.

Now, how do you say “goooal” in Afrikaans?