Customer service workflow automation

In today’s highly competitive environment, customer service has become is a key differentiator for enterprises across all sectors and industries. Enlightened companies understand that a successful sale is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship and that the quality of the customer service workflow will determine just how strong and profitable that connection will be.’s Service Cloud lets you create the consistent, efficient customer service workflows and call center scripting you need to keep your customers loyal and satisfied and your agents productive and happy. With the automating power of the Visual Process Manager, you can take customer service workflow simplicity to an even higher level.

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Thanks to the Visual Process Manager, you can reduce training time for new agents, create customer service workflow processes that guide agents through complex interactions, foster flexible resourcing so agents can work in all areas of the call center, and ensure that all call center scripting is compliant. The Visual Process Manager makes all kinds of call center scripting easy to update and maintain. Plus, you can reduce call length by automating the administrative aspects and extend customer service workflows to include automatic routing and escalation.


Call scripts for harnessing best practices

When customers phone in for help, they need assistance on any of hundreds of topics. As effective as your training may be, support agents can’t be expected to remember all the details of content and procedure. Even if they could, most companies have created standard customer service workflows for most needs. To keep costs down and ensure customer satisfaction, you want agents following best practices for each customer service workflow rather than improvising responses. The Visual Process Manager lets you easily build proven formulas and procedures into call scripts that guide your agents and automate time-consuming tasks.

Another benefit of call center scripting is minimizing the impact of high staff turnover—an inescapable fact of life in customer service. Historically, the departure of highly trained staff often degrades the quality of customer service workflow and jeopardizes customer retention rates. The Service Cloud and Visual Process Manager eliminate this risk by imbedding your best practices in customer service workflows and call center scripting rather than in agents’ heads.

You can use the Visual Process Manager to implement all your everyday customer service workflows, including Warm Call Transfer, Stop, Save and Resume, Exceptional Event Handling, Agent Key and Tab Functions, and Simple Dialer Integration.


Sophisticated call center scripting without code

The Visual Process Manager lets your support specialists create and deploy customer service workflow scripts themselves—even those containing complex business rules—without coding. This capability frees your service organization from dependence on IT and from long waiting times for programming resources. It also eliminates usability problems that can occur when customer service scripts are implemented by software engineers who don’t have hands-on knowledge of customer service workflows. With the Visual Process Manager, call center scripting embodies your support experts’ deep knowledge, providing agents with customer service workflows that reflect the way they actually do their jobs.


Driving faster, more efficient customer service workflows

Traditional call center scripting has limitations because the call script is only a single element in the customer service workflow. Data search and retrieval, underlying processes, and post-call administration also figure in—and the Visual Process Manager automates these aspects of the customer service workflow as well. It blends call center scripting with the ability to create and update records, import data from multiple systems, and begin and escalate tasks. Then it orchestrates the entire customer service workflow according to your predefined business rules.

Not only does the Visual Process Manager coordinate integration between applications, but it does so transparently. This approach turns each customer service workflow into a smooth, seamless process that agents can handle more productively than conventional call scripts. The Visual Process Manager drives the call from the dialer onwards, pulling in relevant data, managing updates to internal systems, and then invoking post-call tasks such as creating and sending documents and emails.

With call scripts to automate the processes that underpin customer service workflows, service reps get to the right answers more quickly. And they don’t have to deal with the complexities of manual searching, moving back and forth among different records, or transferring files to and from various systems: The Visual Process Manager handles everything behind the scenes. Agents manage the entire customer service workflow through the simple and intuitive Service Cloud interface. The end result is shorter agent training cycles and faster customer response times.


Adding flexibility to customer service workflow

As adept as it is at prescriptive call center scripting, the Visual Process Manager can also provide “light touch” customer service workflows for organizations that want agents to be free to engage with customers autonomously. The Visual Process Manager can also modify scripting levels according to such variables as agent seniority and volume surge conditions. No matter how flexible or strict your customer service workflows, every agent and customer benefits from Visual Process Manager automation—in particular, the invisible orchestration of back-end systems and databases. Visual Process Manager–enabled call scripts are proven to reduce interaction times, facilitate shared services, reduce escalations, and increase first-call resolutions.

The Visual Process Manager’s automation capabilities are so comprehensive that new agents can handle customer service workflow interactions with the ease and speed of seasoned veterans. The Visual Process Manager can even be used to create call script “role play” exercises and quick tests to see if agents are up to speed in specific areas.


Call scripting made simple—in the tradition

The Visual Process Manager is so easy to use that call script authors can create new customer service workflows or modify existing scripts in minutes. This fast turnaround keeps your agents armed with the freshest solutions and most innovative answers for customers. Reps can comment on customer service workflows at will—even in mid-process—so authors can re-publish improved scripts in no time. The best part is that no IT intervention is ever required, even with challenging version control issues and publishing permissions: The Visual Process Manager manages all aspects of customer support scripting.


Getting feedback on customer service workflows

Today’s multi-channel service organizations must have the ability to continually monitor and assess customer response to the support they deliver. This is yet another need that the Visual Process Manager ably fills. It lets you easily tailor customer surveys, send them out, and funnel the results back into the Service Cloud so you can analyze the feedback and enhance your call scripts and customer service workflows accordingly. The Visual Process Manager delivers survey emails to all your callers, or any subset you choose, and then gathers up the results—without requiring any staff time or extra overhead.



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