Chatter sales collaboration tools

Real-time Collaboration

With Chatter, you are connected with the expertise of your entire company, helping you get answers to questions, find the right information, get approvals, and close more deals. Updates on opportunities, contacts, accounts, and documents all come to you in real time feeds. Connect with customers in private groups to collaborate and share information, answer questions, and win business.


Share your expertise

Chatter business profiles

Company directories with a sea of faceless names are a thing of the past. Upload your photo and share your expertise. Discover more about your company and follow people who can help you close more deals. Chatter provides a fast and easy way to share important information through business profiles to help increase productivity.

Keep everyone in the loop

Real-time sales team status updates

Keep your colleagues up to date on what you’re doing from anywhere. Ask questions and share insights through real-time updates to keep everyone looped in, and dramatically reduce unproductive email traffic. Even share relevant files and links to provide detail or get input on your work.

Instant team collaboration on anything

Chatter sales team group collaboration tools

In business today, people frequently form new teams and collaborate on important projects. Groups help your teams get organized, share information, collaborate on documents, and work productively together to get things done. You can even set up private groups with customers so you can work together and keep the lines of communication flowing. Groups are easy to create and even easier to use.

Collaborate in context on documents

Collaborate in context on documents with Chatter

Ever have trouble finding or sharing documents? Forget about searching through emails or your desktop. With Chatter, the documents you need are available instantly. By sharing through Chatter, you connect the documents with the discussion to quickly make your point.

Know what’s changed in your apps

Application Chatter feeds

Chatter makes all of your apps more collaborative. Everything has its own Chatter feed; opportunities, support cases, and even custom objects. Now information comes to you—everyone can collaborate in one place and when there’s a change, a real-time update will show up in your feed for any record you follow.

Real-time updates pushed to you

Real-Time Chatter feed updates

Monitor the people, opportunities, accounts, groups, and content that matter most, all in one spot. With real-time feeds, you can quickly find answers to help close deals. Filtering tools help you fine-tune your feeds so you can focus on what matters and tune out the rest.

Control who sees what

Keep sensitive information private with Chatter

Chatter is built on the platform, and thanks to its sophisticated sharing model, you’ll see everything you need to and nothing you don't. Even better, it's easy for you to keep sensitive information private, even during personnel changes.