Files and libraries

Nobody wants to spend their peak selling hours digging through old emails looking for the right presentation or collateral. Files and Libraries in the Sales Cloud lets you find what you need in a flash with popular social Web features such as comments, following, @mentions, and "likes." Collaborate with your team, share files securely, keep track of what's most useful, and get notified when content changes.


Work as a team

Gone are the days of endless email threads with your colleagues about information you needed to get to your customer yesterday. With files and libraries, you can easily track your team’s input, manage versions, see when changes are made, and even loop your customers or partners into the conversation.

Find what you need, fast

Finally, you can find that new presentation, the latest price list, and your most recent product literature all in one place. It's easy to get what you need fast with filters by group, library, recent, and your files. Don't want to search for something more than once? No problem—with one click you can follow a file and be notified of updates so you always have the latest version.

Save time, stay organized

Libraries in the Sales Cloud makes it easy to organize similar content in logical groups for discovery and publishing to portals or websites. You can subscribe to libraries so whenever content is updated, you receive alerts. You can also see what files are commonly used by your team and get quick access to the most useful content.

Easily share content, goodbye email attachments

Ever have a big presentation or customer quote get stuck in your outbox? Struggle with version control while collaborating with colleagues? With file delivery in the Sales Cloud, you can easily send content to co-workers, partners, or customers, while maintaining complete control over sharing—including who can share, what can be shared (a PDF? a Word doc?), and for how long.