Sales Tools that Synchronise with Office Productivity

One reason why’s Sales Cloud is the most widely used sales tool is that it works the way you do.

The Sales Cloud links seamlessly with Outlook / CRM and Google/ CRM integration and with other popular productivity tools Word, Excel and Lotus Notes. With this close integration you add the power of the cloud and the world’s best sales tools to your arsenal— without changing a thing .

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Outlook & CRM Sales Tools Together

With sales tools from, your reps can use Microsoft Outlook email for customer communications and everything in Salesforce CRM for everyone to view throughout the organisation. You can even embed Salesforce CRM directly into Outlook.

Office productivity systems have never before been so closely tied to Sales tools. To keep all your contacts and activities up to date, you can synchronise our sales tools with your Outlook calendars and address books. And you’ll also find our Google / CRM integration equally tight and comprehensive.

  • Capture Outlook emails. In Outlook it’s easy to add incoming or outgoing emails with just a single click. You’ll also find our Outlook / CRM integration very flexible. You can log only the relevant emails in Salesforce CRM and skip the inessential ones. This reduces manual processes, ensures your teams record customer interactions in the right places, and increases your productivity.
  • Real-time record matching. When you add Outlook emails to Salesforce CRM sales tools, you can automatically bring up the corresponding lead, contact, opportunity, or case in real time. Alternatively, you can find the matching record with our sales tools’ powerful keyword search features.
  • Address lookup. Search our sales tools’ customer database from within Outlook and include your contacts or leads in the list of recipients for outgoing email messages.
  • Address book and calendar synchronisation. Wtih’s Outlook / CRM integration you easily coordinate your Outlook address book and calendar with our sales tools, and keep all your contacts and activities up to date and in synch.

Put simply, our sales tool’s complete Outlook / CRM integration reduces your manual processes, increases productivity, and ensures that customer service issues never fall through the cracks.

Google / CRM Integration: Maximising Your Productivity in the Cloud and Google have joined forces to make managing your business faster and easier with tight Google / CRM integration. Your sales tools, office productivity tools, and customer information now sit side-by-side in the cloud. You have no software or hardware infrastructure to deploy or worry about, and you can focus your time and budget on running your business. Google / CRM integration means customer information, comprehensive sales tools, and your favourite office applications all link together and are available from any desktop for instant sharing and collaboration.

  • Joined up Email and CRM. Productivity soars when you add Gmail to your arsenal of sales tools too. From inside Salesforce CRM you can send messages to contacts or log emails there that you originate in Gmail.
  • Instant messaging inside Salesforce CRM. Google / CRM integration lets you instantly communicate with colleagues right from Salesforce CRM—during sales or customer services calls, in discussions with partners, and while reviewing customer data inside your sales tools.
  • Real-time document collaboration. Google Docs complements your sales tools. You can share documents with colleagues, partners, and customers to keep everyone working together in real time—without having to email attachments or rely on different versions .
  • Multiple calendars managed in sync. If you like Outlook / CRM integration, you’ll love Google Calendar. It lets you manage your work activities plus personal and outside schedules all in one easy calendar interface—with the checkbox simplicity and drag-and-drop ease you expect from Web 2.0. Best of all, you can access Google Calendar right inside Salesforce CRM, as easily as with any of our own sales tools.
    With Google / CRM integration, you can track your sales meetings, team schedules, and other events in Salesforce CRM, and share them with others using Google Calendar. You can even map campaigns in Salesforce CRM to any Google calendar and see them displayed alongside personal or work events
  • View everything at a single glance. AGoogle / CRM integration also lets you link your Google Start Page with Salesforce CRM.
    You start your day with a customised, all-in-one view of everything that matters to you and your business. See all your critical work activities, metrics, documents, messages, and other important details in one place. Extend your sales tools with an add-on from Appirio (available through the AppExchange), and you can even display Salesforce CRM dashboard components on your Google Start Page.

Word and Excel Integration with CRM Sales Tools

With advanced integration with Microsoft Word and Excel you can also build account plans, proposals, quotes, contracts, and much more based on data pulled from Salesforce CRM. You can also bring report data into Excel from your sales tools for further analysis.

  • Document templates. Build Word and Excel templates for routine sales forms, and enables reps to create documents with data from Salesforce CRM sales tools fast, with no retyping.
  • Report export. You can easily export Salesforce CRM reports into Excel too, and then add data from external sources. Or simply access, save, or share reports in your favourite format.’s sales tools also let you pull reports into an Excel workbook for offline analysis later.
  • Mail merge. In addition to the Outlook / CRM integration you can create Word mail-merge templates and populate them with information from Salesforce CRM fields, including product and schedule line items for building quotes.

At last, CRM Sales Tools and Lotus Notes

Outlook / CRM and Google / CRM integration cover a lot of ground, and our sales tools’ connectivity with Lotus Notes completes the productivity picture. For Lotus Notes users, integrating your corporate knowledge base with your CRM sales tools—with data accessible from inside either interface—is the perfect prescription for eliminating manual data-transfer errors and increasing your overall efficiency.


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Email and calendaring

Sales reps and managers love the Sales Cloud because it works with the other applications they already use every day. Whether your company uses Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, you and your teams won't have to change the way you work. The Sales Cloud and your favorite apps are joined together so you can simply work smarter.


Get more done with Salesforce for Outlook


You can synchronize Salesforce CRM with your Microsoft Outlook address books, calendars, and even email to dramatically improve productivity and organization-wide visibility.

Integrate with Gmail


Salesforce CRM integrated with Gmail is a simple yet powerful combination that makes it incredibly easy for users to communicate, collaborate, and share business information. while maintaining a 360° customer view.

Link with popular productivity tools


What good is CRM if it doesn’t work how you work? You can painlessly build account plans, proposals, quotes, contracts, and more in Microsoft Word using data from Salesforce CRM. Or, export Salesforce CRM report data into Excel for further analysis.

Connect without coverage


Even without an Internet connection, you can readily take your key customer information with you. So you always stay productive—all via the same easy-to-use, browser-based Salesforce CRM interface.

Send better emails, faster


Why start with a blank page when writing emails to customers and prospects? HTML email templates that sales reps can personalize are big time-savers and ensure that even individual communications are accurate and on-message.