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To holistically change how we sell, service and engage our customers, we needed to move from a patchwork of systems to a platform approach. Salesforce has helped to transform our business.”

Tomasz Kurczyk, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, AXA Singapore


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AXA Singapore safeguards customer engagement with Salesforce

As one of the world’s leading insurance companies, AXA Singapore wants to help customers live their lives with more peace of mind. It offers products to help them protect against risk and is transforming digitally to empower them further.

“Our vision is very simple. We want to be the best digital insurer to create value and differentiation for our customers and partners,” said Tomasz Kurczyk, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, at AXA Singapore.

The reality is far more complex. Customers expect products and services that are increasingly relevant and tailored to their needs. At the same time, omni-channel delivery has become the standard. To reap the benefits of technology and differentiate itself for customers, AXA Singapore has had to transform its operations.

“To holistically change how we sell, service and engage our customers, we needed to move from a patchwork of systems to a platform approach. Salesforce has helped to transform our business,” said Kurczyk.


The best technical solution is to reduce our tech stack, and Experience Cloud enables us to do that.”


Single view of customer provides foundation for omni-channel service

AXA Singapore has now developed a new digital ecosystem, spanning sales, service and marketing. The Salesforce customer success platform is one of the building blocks and provides a single view of the customer throughout. Kurczyk said this single customer view is essential for delivering an omni-channel experience, and enabling greater automation. It helps to provide a more personal customer experience both over the phone and across its digital channels. And with Marketing Cloud, AXA Singapore is able to provide content, advice, and offers, based on customer profiles. It is also able to test and measure these communications to optimise engagement and increase its relevance.

“With Salesforce, we have more insight into our customers and can personalise and automate touch points like email and SMS,” said Kurczyk. “If a customer purchases single trip travel insurance, for example, we can send an email after their trip to welcome them back and remind them how to submit a claim. We can also promote other products and the MyAXA app, our self-serve one stop shop for customers.”

Customer satisfaction with AXA Singapore’s digital channels has reached an impressive high. Around 90% of customers are either satisfied or very satisfied after interacting with the insurer online. The business has started collecting more feedback via surveys sent to customers after what Kurczyk calls each “moment of truth”. These include the moments a customer purchases or renews a policy, makes a claim or contacts AXA’s customer care – no matter which channel they use. Management is transparent with the results so teams can see how they are performing and identify areas for improvement.

Supercharging service delivery

It’s not just greater personalisation that’s transformed the customer experience. AXA Singapore has driven efficiencies across its operations, resulting in smarter, faster customer care. Automation on Salesforce has reduced errors and turnaround times by as much as 50%. The business is now working in a continuous improvement cycle and using Salesforce to track key metrics and use the insights to streamline its operations even more.

“The dashboards and reporting in Salesforce allow us to monitor our processes on a day-to-day basis and manage performance in a proactive way. We can not only track individual tasks and processes in real-time, but also analyse trends and see which steps we still need to automate further,” said Kurczyk.

Another initiative that’s increased efficiency is a reduction in the systems and screens used by customer facing teams. Customer support agents can access all the tools and data they need on one screen so they can better focus on customers and respond faster to requests.

Streamlining the distributor network

AXA Singapore’s digital transformation is also firmly focused on improving how its vast distributor network of more than 5,000 partners serves its customers. Dedicated partners exclusively sell AXA insurance products, and independent agents sell AXA insurance products alongside policies from other companies. 

AXA’s in-house Salesforce development team of around 10 employees built the distributor network on Experience Cloud. It gives all dedicated partners and agents a one-stop shop for customer relationship management. 

“Previously, partners needed to call or email our distributor care team to check on policy details, claim status and renewal dates for their customers,” explained Abhishek Sharma, Head of CRM, AXA Singapore.

This also presented an admin burden for AXA’s customer care agents, who had to handle each service case manually. Now, partners and agents can simply log into the distributor portal to check on their customers’ accounts.

“The vision behind the distributor portal is based on three key pillars,” said Sharma. “First, we needed to simplify our processes. Then we wanted to ensure our partners have easy access to customer information. Finally, we wanted to make sure that transparency was always maintained.”

Achieving better outcomes across the board

The distributor portal deployment has been a resounding success. A high adoption rate between 85 and 90% suggests AXA’s dedicated partners and independent agents see the value in the distributor portal. It has also helped to increase internal efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Customer service cases from the distribution network have fallen by around 15%.

Sharma says that Experience Cloud was the natural choice for the distributor portal. Existing Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud deployments ensured seamless data integration into the new portal.

“All customer data was already available in Salesforce, so choosing to build the portal on a new system would have created a silo,” he explained. “This would have been introducing another point of error. The best technical solution is to reduce our tech stack, and Experience Cloud enables us to do that.” 

These initiatives will support AXA Singapore’s continuous transformation and provide increasing value to customers and partners. “Everything we do is about giving customers peace of mind and empowering them to live better lives. Technology that we use needs to be aligned to our mission and help us succeed,” said Kurczyk.


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