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With Salesforce, we’re able to gain a broader understanding of our customers and identify how we can meet more of their needs.”

Paul Soegianto | Chief Strategy Officer, Bluebird Group

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Bluebird evolves digitally to support Indonesia’s mobility

Founded in 1965 by a mother and her two sons, the Bluebird Group has grown from its beginnings as a  single-taxi service to become one of the largest taxi operators in Indonesia. The company now serves millions of customers each month, providing not just taxis but other ground transportation services like car rentals and bus charters.

As Indonesia undergoes a major and rapid structural transformation of the economy, there is increasing demand for mobility and Bluebird has partnered with Salesforce to evolve digitally and capture this opportunity. Bluebird’s Strategy Transformation Office is driving this evolution and helping the company stay relevant to today’s customers.

“Bluebird is very well known, but the taxi industry has experienced a lot of disruption and there is a new wave of technology and marketing that we need to keep up with,” said Paul Soegianto, Chief Strategy Officer, Bluebird Group. “We want to become very technology driven, very agile, and very flexible to adapt to this changing market.”

Salesforce supports this ambition by providing Bluebird a 360 degree view of customers and helping it to connect with them across digital channels.

Adopting a new mindset and new channels

When Bluebird first started out on its transformation journey, it lacked the tools and data to understand customers and how best to engage with them. Most of the company’s advertising was done via traditional channels like radio and TV and they never received any customer feedback.

“All of the marketing we did previously was based on a gut feeling. However, times have changed and we know that customers want more personalised interactions and they want those interactions in real-time,” said Soegianto. “Millennials especially want solutions and promotions that are relevant to the situation they’re in and they can use right away.”

Bluebird adopted Salesforce Customer 360 to respond to these needs and to help employees adopt new ways of working and a digital mindset. With Marketing Cloud, the business has moved towards more personalised communication, using email, push notifications, digital advertising, and social media. It has also built out a journey to communicate with customers right after they download the MyBluebird app. The journey includes promotions to encourage customers’ first few trips until they become loyal users.

Through these activities, Bluebird has increased interactions with customers by 4x and increased the number of those actively using the MyBluebird app. It has also accelerated the time between customers downloading the app and taking their first trip.

“One of the things that sets us apart from others in the market is that we’re multi-channel. Customers can hail a taxi from the street, phone our call centre, or contact us through our app or one of our partners,” said Soegianto. “With Salesforce, we’re able to gain a broader understanding of our customers and identify how we can meet more of their needs. We are also able to personalise interactions and promotions which is important in this era and helps us to build customer loyalty.”


We're now able to personalise interactions and promotions which is important in this era and helps us to build customer loyalty.”

Paul Soegianto | Chief Strategy Officer, Bluebird Group

Growing and adapting to customer needs

Bluebird has seen an average nine percent increase in trips taken by customers receiving more personalised communication, and it is now seeking further growth by using Salesforce to find and engage new customers. With Advertising Studio, for example, it is able to target engagement at “lookalike” audiences with attributes similar to existing customers. In response to COVID-19 and concerns from passengers, it is also using tools like Social Studio to communicate the steps it’s taken to ensure the hygiene of operations. This includes regular cleaning of cars and driver training.

Bluebird has also responded to the pandemic with the introduction of a new logistics delivery service. Customers can access the service via the company’s MyBluebird App and arrange delivery of food and a range of other goods. Bluebird has promoted this service through email and push-notifications and in the three months since launch, customers have used the service to transport everything from apples to luxury items. It now accounts for two to three percent of Bluebird’s revenue. 

Commenting on the success of the service, Soegianto said it showed customer trust in the business’  hygiene and safety:“We’ve been working to build customer trust over the last 50 years, and we are thankful that customers have responded.”

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