We have to get smarter, more sophisticated and faster in reacting to our members’ needs. Salesforce helps us achieve that.”

Martin Darby, CEO

Celebrity Fitness is turning to Salesforce to support its thriving home-grown Southeast Asian fitness community and beat its competitors to market with the latest on-trend fitness products.

The innovative gym operator has built a thriving 178,000-strong membership base across three countries, united by a strong lifestyle brand that brings fun back to fitness. 

From a single Jakarta facility in 2004, Celebrity Fitness now boasts more than 60 clubs across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and plans to launch next in the Philippines.

That growth is due in part to a pioneering business model that’s focused on catering to the needs of the rapidly expanding middle class in key Southeast Asian markets, and building a home-grown fitness community with a strong sense of play.

The Celebrity Fitness management team is now focusing on the next stage of growth – and this means transitioning from independent legacy systems to a single integrated platform.

“We have a huge amount of data in our legacy systems,” says Martin Darby, CEO, Celebrity Fitness.

“We are working all the time to improve our data integration, integrity and flexibility. Layering different systems on top of each other isn't the most efficient way to use that data to move to the next level.”

For Darby and his team, managing membership data through Salesforce technology is the solution.

“Salesforce replaces our existing prospecting, membership and CRM systems. Our aim is to significantly boost our member retention level, enhance operational productivity, and enable the next stage of our evolution and growth,” says Darby.

Salesforce will cover the entire membership lifecycle and deliver a 360-degree view of every member – from on-boarding prospects and contracting, through to tracking when they check-in to group fitness classes and personal training sessions.

Much of the company’s success, says Darby, has been built on the ability to respond to shifting trends in the fitness industry more swiftly than its competitors.

He is confident that having faster and integrated access to sophisticated member data on one platform will increase the company’s speed of innovation and further boost its competitive advantage.

Tracking the popularity – or otherwise – of new fitness products will give the management team access to a wealth of real-time data that will allow the brand to keep pace with developing fitness trends as they evolve.

“The market changes every six months so we need to be constantly invigourating our brand with new experiences in line with our members’ rapidly developing expectations. From a management perspective, visual data will help us to react faster and make better, more timely decisions.”

Salesforce will also enable the marketing and sales teams to personalise its member communications thanks to better customer segmentation.

“Customer segmentation will allow us to build deeper, more personalised connections that speak to the goals and motivations of each of our members,” says Darby.

“And we’ll be able to use that data to set productivity and operational benchmarks for our 2,400 employees across countries and individual fitness centres.”

The Celebrity Fitness team also launched a customer-centric mobile app that is powered by Salesforce. The app enables members to book classes, link up with fitness equipment to complete personalised fitness challenges, and share milestones with the Celebrity Fitness community.

It’s all about encouraging members to integrate their fitness regime into their daily lives.

“We have a slogan in the company – #everydayIgetBETTER. For our members, it means that every day they have to push themselves to be a little bit better,” says Darby.

“But this slogan also applies to us. We have to get smarter, more sophisticated and faster in reacting to our members’ needs. Salesforce helps us to achieve that.”

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