Salesforce has helped us to significantly enhance our internal operations and boost sales performance. The world is changing very fast, and we can only make the right decisions for our future once we see things clearly.”

Donald Liao | Associate General Manager


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Cymmetrik builds a brighter future via digital transformation

Over 50 years, Cymmetrik has grown to be the leading manufacturer of packaging materials and applications of label printing in Greater China. Now the company is looking to the future with digital transformation beginning with Sales Cloud.

Cymmetrik is one of Taiwan’s greatest success stories in the printing industry. Founded in 1969 as a small packaging material dealer in Taipei with only three employees, the multiple award-winning company has grown into a global printing powerhouse.

Cymmetrik is now the number-one manufacturer of packaging materials and applications of label printing in Greater China, employs 5,000 staff, and operates nine manufacturing facilities and two liaison offices around the world. Today, the company ships more than 12 billion labels annually.

But it seems Cymmetrik is just getting started. The company has built an impressive reputation as a pioneer in printing technology and innovation, and is currently embracing Sales Cloud deployment for digital transformation.

“We would like to be a global leader in printing applications and value-added services,” says Donald Liao, Associate General Manager at Cymmetrik. “We need to move fast. We are transforming to the digital world by investing in leading technologies and future innovations.” 

New technology for the digital economy

Donald and the team at Cymmetrik have already introduced several impressive innovations into the consumer products market that is undergoing rapid digital transformation.

In the digital era, product packaging has evolved beyond its static origins. Cymmetrik is creating smart packaging that provides diversified channels for brands to connect with consumers and collect data about buyer behavior.

“Our RFID SmartTags and QR codes, for example, can connect every product to the cloud platforms,” explains Donald. “Through these technologies, brands can create in- depth, one-on-one consumer interactions and leverage big data to draw out better insights that can drive smarter marketing campaigns.” 

Printing has come a long way in recent years, and Cymmetrik’s labels and packaging have become much more than a visual display of the manufacturer’s brand. Unique QR Codes on every label can effectively draw consumers into promotions and brand interactions. Integration with Unique Identification (UID) cloud platforms can connect brands with sophisticated consumer data that they can use to build better, smarter and more personalized relationships with their consumers.

“Packaging technology like RFID SmartTags and QR codes can track consumer footprints and create a clear picture for the brands about their offline consumers,” says Donald. “Combined with online insights, this enables brands to connect online and offline data to create and maintain a unified consumer database.” 

Modernizing the sales function

Cymmetrik’s commitment to innovation also extends internally. The company is currently embracing an extensive digital transformation that has begun with modernizing the sales function.

Manually managed Excel spreadsheets have been replaced by a recent Sales Cloud deployment that Donald expects to generate a 10 per cent increase in annual revenue.

“One of our challenges was how to drive sales by looking forward, not behind,” says Donald. “We have nine manufacturing facilities and two liaison offices around the world, so there was a need to connect sales teams in different locations and to synchronize the latest data for better opportunity management across our sales teams. Sales Cloud allows us to achieve this.” 

“We need mobility, and now all our sales professionals can access the latest version of customer records with the Salesforce app at any time, from anywhere,” adds Ernie Tang, Salesforce Project Leader at Cymmetrik. “We’re using Sales Cloud to connect our offices to one system and everyone can see the lifecycle from opportunities to leads to closure.” 

Ernie says that Sales Cloud has also solved the problem of losing customer information when a sales person leaves the company: “When a sales person resigns, we can still see all the customers’ information in Sales Cloud. Our view of the customers doesn’t change – anyone can search and get the right information.” 

Sales Cloud is also delivering more data that the management team can use to assess the performance of sales staff and improve overall productivity.

“For example, prior to Sales Cloud, sales people had to make their own customer organization charts in Excel or by hand,” says Ernie. “These had to be manually updated many times as staff at customer organizations changed, and not everyone could access the latest version. Now, Sales Cloud automatically displays contact hierarchies and organization charts that we can all access.”

This all adds up to better hygiene around customer information, as well as faster customer response times and turnover rates, and an overall improvement in efficiency.

Building better connections through integration

Donald and Ernie are also seeing strong benefits from Sales Cloud integration with their existing ERP platform, and plan to integrate Sales Cloud with LINE in the future.

“Our business is B2B, so it’s our first priority to understand how our sales teams communicate with our customers and what we can do to manage the process,” says Donald. “Sales Cloud integration with our ERP provides a better connection between our sales teams and our customers. We can now see the entire customer lifecycle in one system and our sales teams can access all of that information in one view.” 

Cymmetrik turned to integration partner Future Intelligence Technology Inc (FITi) to help streamline this process – and to train senior-level management on the new system. The seamless engagement with FITi has led to increased success at Cymmetrik where the team values the ongoing FITi partnership and collaboration.

Cymmetrik continues to use Salesforce to drive digital transformation as the company looks ahead to the challenges of the future.

“Salesforce has helped us to significantly enhance our internal operations and boost sales performance. It gives us data-based insights which we can use to put the right processes in place and will improve our customer outreach over the long term,” concludes Donald. “The world is changing very fast, and we can only make the right decisions for our future once we see things clearly.” 


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