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A large part of support is knowing your customer, and having a platform like Salesforce that can capture all our customer conversations gives us that knowledge.”

Martyn Yap | Senior IT Manager, Asia Pacific


time saved for sales approvals


Dornier MedTech transforms service from the inside out

Dornier MedTech is a global medical device company known for its pioneering technologies in urology. The company’s ambition for the future is to be a highly customer-centric healthcare company to deliver compelling value to patients and healthcare professionals in the area of urology and beyond. Underpinning this is a focus on the customer, creating more impactful partnerships, and leveraging best practices.

“We are embracing customer obsession and innovation, and continually asking ourselves how we can do things differently to make life easier for our stakeholders,” said Martyn Yap, Senior IT Manager, Asia Pacific at Dornier MedTech. “It may be looking at how a distributor raises a service case or how we can improve our processes within the office to be more efficient.”

Dornier MedTech is using Salesforce to drive this transformation across its Asia Pacific operations, starting with Singapore and Japan and extending to a total of 22 countries in the region.

Proving the benefits of digitisation

Prior to adopting Salesforce, Dornier MedTech’s processes were largely manual and sales managers would return from business trips to find stacks of documents awaiting approvals. There was also a lack of transparency between teams as data was held in spreadsheets and difficult to share.

Dornier MedTech’s IT teams in Singapore and Japan set out to address these issues using Salesforce. The company was already using Salesforce in the US, and while both teams had the option to choose another CRM, Salesforce met all their needs.

The team in Singapore started their Salesforce journey by using Sales Cloud to streamline approvals. They chose this use case because of the potential productivity savings and to prove the benefits of digitisation to the rest of the business. The digitised process has been a success in both respects and the time spent on approvals has been reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Sales Cloud has now been rolled out more broadly and is used by sales teams across Asia Pacific to manage leads and opportunities. It has also replaced spreadsheets to provide a 360 degree view of customers, including information provided by finance and clinical support teams.

“The agility of any company in today’s increasingly disruptive world is a function of the mindset of the team and the speed by which critical data is made available to them. Salesforce has enabled us to capture and reference the wealth of data points in the customer’s journey with Dornier MedTech,” said Issac Khoo, General Manager at Dornier MedTech. “Through the use of customisable dashboards with drill down capability, the Salesforce platform has allowed us to improve our customer centricity with greater speed and accuracy.”

According to Hiromasa Ito, IT Manager for Dornier MedTech in Japan, Sales Cloud has also saved each sales rep there up to two hours a week on reporting. “Our sales reps now have more time to spend with customers and they have quick access to customer and product information through the Salesforce mobile app. It is also easier for them to share information with different teams.”

This exchange of information is also supported by the use of Chatter and Dornier MedTech estimates a 50% increase in collaboration across some parts of the business.


Through the use of customisable dashboards with drill down capability, the Salesforce platform has allowed us to improve our customer centricity with greater speed and accuracy.”

Issac Khoo, General Manager

Setting a new standard for service

Dornier MedTech is now using Service Cloud to provide more efficient and personalised support. For example, inquiries can now be automatically routed to the right team and support engineers are notified right away when a customer needs help. In the past, it could take up to four hours.

The ability to track cases in Service Cloud has also allowed Dornier MedTech to set and measure service level agreements. This will help the company to ensure timely resolution of issues and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

“A large part of support is knowing your customer and having a platform like Salesforce that can capture all our customer conversations gives us that knowledge," said Yap. "It’s helping us get closer to our customer and deliver more proactive support."

Driving success and innovation

Much of Dornier MedTech’s innovation on Salesforce has been driven by its small IT team, including Ivy Tan, IT Business Analyst and Salesforce Administrator in Singapore. Just one year ago, Tan was completely new to Salesforce whereas today she’s a certified admin.

Tan gives credit to the community of support she’s had from colleagues and the hands-on support she’s had from participating in Salesforce Accelerator sessions. Trailhead has also played a key role in Tan’s learning journey.

“Trailhead provides a great platform for self-learning and has helped me achieve a lot within the last year. I’m now working to become an advanced admin so that I can better help the business take advantage of all the capabilities Salesforce provides,” said Tan.

Key stats:

  • 30% time savings on managing sales approvals
  • 50% increase in collaboration
  • 2 hrs saved per week per rep on reporting

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