Our strength lies in our small size, and we must use this strength to service our customers better. is the platform that best enables us to do this.”

Rungyos Chantapasa, VP, Business Development, Gaysorn Group

Salesforce used to grow Gaysorn’s ‘Diamond’ customer base

When it opened in 2002, Gaysorn Shopping Centre was Bangkok’s first luxury shopping mall. It attracts ultra-luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Burberry, and the clientele that can afford their products.

To reach out to this highly select clientele, the Gaysorn Shopping Centre team sought a proven platform to connect with its customers in a whole new way. It chose Sales Cloud.

Since implementing in late 2012, Gaysorn has been able to capture customer information in a single view, from multiple touch points. Armed with this information, it is moving towards its long-term goal of truly being able to shape customer behaviours and record greater sales.

The premise: know your customer better

As Gaysorn Group VP, Business Development, Rungyos Chantapasa said, “We are a niche, ultra-luxury shopping mall and we need to serve our key customers in a way that reflects this niche. The problem was, we had no systems in place to do this.”

The group sought to get to know its core customers better – so as to deliver “luxury moments” through loyalty programs, events and other service extension offerings.

The solution: Salesforce1 Sales Cloud

The Gaysorn Group assessed CRM solutions from a number of vendors, including Oracle and Microsoft. emerged as the most suitable platform – it was at once simple to use and rich in features.

“It certainly helped that many of our tenants at the time, such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton, also use Salesforce. It is very reassuring to see that our highly respected tenants have chosen this platform for customer engagement – and also points to potential future opportunities for integration,” said Chantapasa.

Upon selecting Salesforce, The Gaysorn Group appointed CRM and Cloud Consulting (CRM-C), a certified partner, to assist with implementation.

Early results using Sales Cloud

A huge range of data is now collected across multiple front-end touch points – including the concierge service, member cards, the mobile app, valet parking, an SMS gateway, social media and the website – and entered into Sales Cloud.

The team uses this data to assess customers’ value via the RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) methodology. Key customers have a centralised profile on the system, and the marketing team can readily segment according to spend, preferences and shopping behaviours.

Collecting more Diamonds

The goal is to move each customer up to a more loyal segment – and grow the ‘Diamond’ group of loyal customers, which has an average spend of more than $1 million baht (approx. US$30,000) within three months.

To engage with the growing group of Diamond customers, the Gaysorn Group is implementing a range of initiatives – from a luxury Diamond Lounge to bespoke, hand delivered birthday hampers. The Diamond Group also enjoys 5-star treatment on the Gaysorn mobile app, which in turn pushes customer requests back to Salesforce.

Proof is in the sales results

The bottom line for the Gaysorn Group is that Sales Cloud works. For example:

  • Spending per head in 2013 Christmas campaign increased 30% on previous year
  • Customers are now buying from more than 10 brands, instead of just one or two, with more cross-categories puchase
  • Seamless segmentation of different customer types enables highly targeted communications
  • Salesforce used to identify lifestyles of top-tier customers and open up new business opportunities

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey for the Gaysorn Group. It plans to roll Sales Cloud out across other shopping centres under its umbrella; and to leverage other solutions on the platform to connect even further with its customers.


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