In a world where every customer touch brings in different information, Salesforce connects conversations across businesses and geographies in one place.”

Abhay Singhal, Cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer

InMobi steps up mobile advertising using Salesforce

The world of mobile advertising and discovery is evolving with the fast growth in mobile apps globally. Consumers increasingly jump onto their mobile devices to research and make purchases. Smart brands are tapping into that with ever more targeted ads.

Through its discovery platform, InMobi acts as a bridge between mobile users and businesses trying to benefit from mobile advertising. InMobi helps developers monetise their apps, and leverages insights to help advertisers and brands target users better. InMobi is on a mission to reinvent its industry. It’s using Salesforce to get there faster.

InMobi began its Salesforce journey three years ago when it swapped out several CRM systems for the Salesforce Sales Cloud. The single platform delivered a more robust and reliable approach to customer management. More recently, InMobi is using Salesforce to scale its business to keep pace with fast growth.

Data insights drive better customer engagement

InMobi wanted to differentiate itself from the big players in the market. To do that it would need to engage with its customers on a much deeper level.

Salesforce lets it achieve this primarily by delivering a 360 degree view of each customer. This includes the app developers and publishers who supply ad space and the customers who purchase it to promote their brands. Ads range from banner ads to interactive media ads that allow consumers to discover brands in a whole new way.

Using Sales Cloud, InMobi can track and view everything it needs to know about its customers, including advertising spend or sales. Integration with Yesware via the Salesforce Platform also lets InMobi track email interactions for follow up.

All of this data flows through to dashboards, which InMobi uses daily to manage sales pipeline and the health of its relationships. The data lets InMobi have more targeted interactions with customers, deepening engagement. It helps sales and management teams make better, faster decisions and optimise their pipeline opportunities.

Abhay Singhal, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer said, “In a world where every customer touch brings in different information, Salesforce connects conversations across businesses and geographies in one place.”

Better customer engagement is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Salesforce is powering InMobi’s business. Service Cloud gives InMobi agents a connection with the sales data, plus ready knowledge at their fingertips, to deliver a truly personalised customer service and quick support. It also has robust reporting capabilities so InMobi can ensure that SLAs are consistently achieved.

Pardot from the Marketing Cloud brings even greater efficiency to the lead capture process and gives marketers the ability to get really targeted. Easy to customise for complete automation, it’s also greatly reduced manual effort.

"Salesforce is a key driver for many of our cross-functional workflows. Not only does it help us to track our business, but with its ability to integrate across our ecosystem of products, it helps us achieve greater effectiveness thereby providing tremendous value to our customers,” said Manish Dugar, CFO.

App development delivers invoicing efficiency

Finally, InMobi has also harnessed the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to develop custom invoicing and reporting solution that integrates with existing systems to automate invoicing across the company. The process is 50% faster as a result.

Vipin Sharma, Director Product Management explains, “Salesforce gives InMobi a single layer of data management running through the company. It’s making InMobi stronger and more efficient. We have the agility we need to respond to a globally changing environment and ignite the world of mobile commerce.”


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