Johnson Controls

Salesforce gives us the ability to make an intelligent assessment of our markets, which is the key to continued growth.”

Scott Avirett, Director of Sales

Johnson Controls connects Asia sales community and targets strategic growth

Johnsons Controls Asia is a growth engine to the global business. Driven by a significant growth trajectory, its Building Efficiency business turned its attention towards a strategy for managing internal sales processes across Asia. It identified two components as critical: the right tools and effective change management.

A review of existing sales systems and processes across 13 countries and five business regions revealed a lack of a standard sales methodology within Asia. It also highlighted enormous untapped potential for sharing information across time zones; in other words for building an Asia-wide connected community.

Spanning time zones

The case for cloud was strong, promising to connect users easily across time zones and lines of business free from the constraints of servers and software. brought the added advantage of multi-language support, cementing the decision to move into the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Users were instantly rewarded with a wide-open view into other regions and a new ability to reach out beyond their immediate circle into the wider Asia community.

Salesforce Chatter adds a social layer to the sales business. A secure private social network connects coworkers together to collaborate through a steady stream of ongoing digital conversation. "Through Chatter sales people get valuable deal support with a whole community available to answer their questions in a familiar social network interface," says Scott Avirett "Chatter lets people operate in a way that works for them."

Sales managers too reap the benefits with the ability to follow key opportunities so that they know immediately when something changes on an important deal.

Managing the change

Needless to say, taking the leap from Excel spreadsheets in some cases to a fully automated sales system is quite a culture change. Mindful that people, not tools, drive adoption, Johnson Controls has delivered the core sales management system up front, with a roadmap for introducing additional features and functions incrementally over time, keeping users engaged and adoption high. This methodology also provides the ideal foundation for innovation, giving Johnson Controls the flexibility to shift direction quickly with changes in the business.

Intelligent assessment of sales markets

But, the greatest value comes at a strategic level. Johnson Controls’ sales management strategy advocates a deep knowledge of individual sales markets. Underpinning this are reports and analytics carried out in Salesforce to deliver critical insights into the performance of the Asia business.

Where previous attempts to develop a strategy around a particular market were reliant on third party research, today Johnson Controls has its finger on the pulse of the sales business in each region. Equipped with a clear view of market potential, it is able to make targeted investments and justify them – an ideal formula for continued growth.

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