We chose Sales Cloud because it’s the world’s leading e-commerce platform. It is highly customisable and has very strong lead and account management features, which was important to us.”

Gaurav Jain, Vice President, Lazada

Indonesia is currently the world’s second fastest growing business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce market, while the Philippines has the world’s highest internet usage growth rate. Meanwhile, Singapore already has one of the world’s most developed infrastructures for online retail, and neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam show high growth potential as e-commerce markets. Tapping into this growth is Lazada, Southeast Asia’s most popular e-commerce platform. The company operates local-language online retail stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company’s tagline is ‘Effortless Shopping’, which Lazada embodies by selling the widest-possible range of products across 13 retail categories including beauty, consumer electronics, fashion, health, home and living, outdoors and sporting goods.

But Lazada is also conscious of quality – every vendor must register with the company to ensure they are genuine. Salesforce is helping Lazada to rapidly expand its product range by streamlining the vendor registration process.

Lazada’s Vendor Acquisition division is responsible for signing up new vendors to sell products in the company’s online mall. Its staff used Google Docs to maintain registers of new vendors and get their products online. The process of signing up and vetting each vendor took an average of 30 days. It then took another 30 days to get the vendor’s products online and available for sale.

Once on-boarded, the Vendor Management division takes over to monitor sales, marketing and productivity. This team previously also manually tracked data, which was slow and inefficient.

According to Gaurav Jain, Vice President, Salesforce Product Owner, Lazada, “Another missed opportunity was the chance to help vendors increase sales once they were up and running. The Vendor Management division, which has 300 employees, wanted to support vendors with analytical reports to enhance sales and the quality of products available in the online store.”

Lazada implemented Sales Cloud and migrated its collection of Google Docs containing vendor management and sales data.

To streamline communication with vendors, Lazada customised Sales Cloud to capture vendor information. Jain and his team also created email templates, which Sales Cloud automatically sends to vendors to guide them through the sign-on and on-boarding processes.

Lazada’s Vendor Management team uses Sales Cloud reports and dashboards to provide vendors with dedicated support, online marketing expertise and best-in-class analytics.

Retailers can now apply to become a vendor via self-service sign-up on the Lazada website, and their information automatically flows into Sales Cloud. Instead of taking a month, the sign-up and vetting process takes one day, and the on-boarding timeframe has dropped from one month to 10 days. For the Vendor Acquisition division, this means more sales and commission, while for consumers it means a greater product range.

Each member of the Vendor Acquisition division on-boards about 20 vendors a month – a 1,000% increase to a total of 4,000 a month. Lazada plans to increase this rate to 5,000 vendors a month, providing consumers in Southeast Asia with unprecedented variety.

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