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Salesforce has changed the way we connect with our customers and employees. It puts us three steps ahead of our competitors”

Andri Wibowo Suliso, Managing Director

2 x

increase in sales revenue


Mazabuta Group gets strategic using Salesforce

The Mazabuta Group in Indonesia is making waste management both more sustainable and profitable with the help of Salesforce. PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia is just one area of the company using Salesforce to turn a basic necessity into a thriving business. Its modern and colourful portable toilets are frequently rented for construction sites, concerts and other outside events. While demand has always been steady, the use of Salesforce has taken the business to new heights.

It provides PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia with a deep understanding of customers and helps it form stronger connections. It also enables self-service and powers new ideas.

“Salesforce has changed the way we connect with our customers and employees. It keeps us focused on what matters most and puts us three steps ahead of our competitors,” said Andri Wibowo Susilo, Managing Director of PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia’s parent company Mazabuta Group.

Smarter, more targeted sales

PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia first implemented Sales Cloud to close the gap when it came to data. The business operated based on memories and notes; there were no official records of customers or previous sales.

“We didn't know who our biggest customers were or who we needed to spend the most time with,” said Susilo. “Also, the sales team was not structured. Everyone was doing everything -  rather than focusing on a specific area.”

Sales Cloud and a new way of working has changed all that. Sales teams are now allocated their own territories and opportunities are tracked and managed in one central place. They can collaborate with management to better understand customer needs. With insights like which customers rent the most toilets or provide the most revenue, reps can also be smarter about how they spend their time.

“Understanding our customers and their past transactions helps us determine how best to interact with them. For example, we know that music promoters will generally reach out to us directly whereas we need to be more proactive about visiting others face-to-face,” said Susilo. “This includes some customers who only place one or two orders a year and prefer to do so in-person.”

The sales team has been further supported by a new lead generator who helps to identify new opportunities and keep the pipeline full. These opportunities are entered right into Salesforce before being broadcast to sales reps who can immediately follow up.


We can better understand the demographics of our workforce and encourage the health and wellness of employees”

Robbi Cahjadi, Managing Director, PT Sewatoilet Indonesia

A culture of continuous success

PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia’s sales have doubled since implementing Sales Cloud three years ago. This is not just the result of more targeted sales, but the positive impact of a motivated team. Led by Robbi Cahjadi, PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia’s Managing Director and Mazabuta Innovation Delivery Team, the business has extended the benefits of Salesforce with innovative new apps and streamlined workflow. These include the My Mazabuta app which employees can use to submit annual leave requests and access the latest company news and currency rates.

Cahjadi shared that the idea to use Salesforce for more than just sales resulted from regular discussions with PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia’s two IT staff and that all development has been done in-house.  “One of the first things we did was put all of our HR data into Salesforce. We can use this to better understand the demographics of our workforce and encourage the health and wellness of employees,” said Cahjadi.

All of these initiatives support employees to work more efficiently and achieve their targets. In turn, they are happy to keep building the company’s success.

Innovating to grow beyond borders

PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia’s operations are now much more robust and business is increasingly fast and easy. Management have a view of sales across twenty branches in Indonesia and can be more active in driving performance. The company is also leading innovation in its industry. This is evident from the wide-ranging and colourful portfolio of products seen on their website at The company is also set to introduce a new app for self-service. The app, underpinned by Salesforce, will allow the business’ government customers to track maintenance requests, including the location and status of units being repaired.

“We want to set ourselves apart from our competitors and offer the market something different. Providing self-service and establishing more personal relationships with customers will help us to compete and grow our business beyond Indonesia, possibly to China,” said Susilo.

Salesforce is a key part of this growth, helping PT. Sewatoilet Indonesia work more purposefully. “It provides clarity on what’s most important and is one of the best decisions we’ve made,” Susilo concluded.


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