Salesforce gives us the power of the cloud to work faster and improve touchpoints across our business.”

Rhys Jarvis, General Manager Digital & CRM

Salesforce and nbn™ redefine customer engagement

Australia – Government owned nbn is changing the digital face of Australia, spearheading the Federal Government’s rollout of a broadband network around the country.

nbn is working on delivering fast broadband to 8 million homes and businesses across Australia by 2020. But more than simply building and operating the wholesale network, nbn continues to transform the business by improving efficiency and relationships with its audiences.

Since its transition to Salesforce, nbn is making quick progress, by bridging gaps between departments and eliminating “swivel chair” integration to deliver a single all-of-business engagement approach with service providers and consumers.

Minimal Processes, Maximum Impact

With so much demand for scalable processes and a need to pare down manual work, nbn found too many hands were required to onboard service providers, resolve cases, answer queries, and maintain an up-to-the minute picture of progress.

nbn’s heavily customised customer relationship management platform was becoming inefficient in such a fast paced business. Changes were slow and costly, sharing information across different operating groups was difficult — far too much workflow was managed in email, spreadsheets, and legacy applications.

nbn’s rapid growth added more pressure, necessitating changes to fulfil the company’s vision for end-to-end cohesive processes.

“We had to reduce manual effort from the business,” said Rhys Jarvis. “Ultimately we will provide the network which aims to deliver fast broadband to 8 million homes and businesses across Australia by 2020, so we had to deliver a scalable system that can connect touchpoints across the business.”

“As nbn grows to meet the demands of the market, we needed to implement a quick-to-change configurable system with a modern scalable solution to meet varied stakeholder requirements,” explained Ben Shepherd nbn’s Executive Manager of CRM.

Punching Above its Weight Class

Salesforce Sales Cloud delivers quick wins for nbn’s sales account management, billing and customer service operations teams. Three teams made up of more than 60 are working from a centralised customer management platform for the first time, delivering a smoother on-boarding experience and more cohesive approach managing the important relationship with nbn’s core group of 45 retail partners.

Salesforce knowledge is used for authoring and sharing information with multiple nbn teams, which is then used for enquiries from a varied collection of audiences, including the retail and delivery partners. The core philosophy is to provide consistent information across nbn to improve the understanding to all involved. The knowledge base feeds customer self-service options available on nbn’s public website, easing call volumes in the contact centre.

But perhaps the biggest development to-date is the roll-out of Service Cloud for the contact centre staff, as resolver groups and delivery partners manage the increasing number of cases as more premises are connected to the nbn™ network. Cases are now more transparent, improving nbn’s case management process as it helps identify exactly where cases are at and who needs to do what to get them resolved.

The early success has encouraged nbn to extend both Sales and Service Cloud to new divisions and audiences.

“We can ask: who needs account management, knowledge, or even case management, while also exposing the appropriate data and information we’ve built in Salesforce to help our audiences,” said Ben Shepherd. “That way, can share more information to improve customer touch points and relieve pressure on our own staff.”

Feedback from all teams that have launched onto Salesforce have been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting improved information sharing and collaboration between departments, the beginning of the end of “swivel chair” integration, and across-the-board improvements in audience relationships on the back of connected customer touchpoints.

“When you consider the size and complexity of the rollout, and how quickly we’ve had to grow and change, the only word to describe this project is transformational,” said Ben. “Salesforce gives us the power to work faster, react to change effectively, and improve touchpoints across our business.”


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