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Salesforce gives shoe business a leg up

When the head of Rila Rila Corporation decided to focus his attention beyond the product to the customer, he found a gap in the shoe market crying out to be filled.

CEO Jae Hun Lee set up a chain of stores that caters specifically to the older customer. Like a shoe doctor for seniors, Rila Rila advises older customers on good posture and active lifestyles, and helps them to identify the causes of any walking complaints. Along the way, its staff recommends functional comfort shoes from across a range of brands to fit their needs.

The selling skills and knowledge needed to service this customer profile are unique. Lee needed his staff of 100 in 30 stores across South Korea to be able to share their knowhow readily and easily, for greater sales efficiency and more effective employee training.

However, the physical distance between stores made face-to-face meetings challenging, and requesting paperwork meant stealing time away from selling. Additionally, Lee was finding it hard to get real-time updates on sales activities at the store and group level.

Changing the way business is done

All that has changed with the introduction of the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Chatter. Within months, Lee found himself handling his business very differently.

“Every morning, I start my day by opening a dashboard. It shows me everything I need to see at a glance: a complete report of charts very clearly demonstrating the sales activities and records of every store,” he says. “It gives me strong insights into business status, so I can make the right decisions, quickly.”

Besides giving Rila Rila a distinct edge on competitors, it also gives Lee a different perspective on his business: He finds it easier to make critical assessments these days via graphs and charts than previously by looking at a string of numbers from the ERP.”

Dashboards break down sales activity by sales representative. The company’s coaching and ROI-generating efforts are thus optimised when channelled to the sales reps whom need them the most.

Improving communication all round

Rila Rila store personnel, who now file their sales reports online, are also encouraged to give their feedback in enterprise social networking tool Chatter. The technology boost is also something of a morale booster. People now feel like they are a part of the Rila Rila community, which is driving a positive change in company culture. Sales reps, especially, feel they look more ‘professional’ with information at their fingertips whenever they need it.

Rila Rila saw growth double within a year of founding the first store. Lee now hopes to open 200 stores nationally by 2017 - with the first China store scheduled for 2015 - leveraging the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


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