Salesforce has helped us to build our reputation so that when companies want to streamline their processes, they come to us.”

Choonrakai Singprasert | Owner & Managing Director


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Riverplus leads delivery of digital solutions in Thailand

Riverplus provides enterprise companies with the solutions they need to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. These include digital, IoT and integration solutions designed to help companies reduce costs and maximise productivity. The Thailand-based business is an expert in the manufacturing industry and has used Salesforce to market itself and win contracts with hundreds of manufacturing companies in Thailand.

"Salesforce has helped us to build our reputation so that when companies want to streamline their processes, they come to us," said Choonrakai Singprasert, Owner and Managing Director of Riverplus. "We are now moving more into industry 4.0 solutions like IoT and want to be the leader for these technologies in the market."

Blazing a new trail with Salesforce

The fifteen year-old company has been using Salesforce for five years. Before Salesforce, Riverplus lacked an effective solution to manage sales and it was losing customer data and leads whenever an employee left. Singprasert tried using spreadsheets and multiple CRM solutions. However, these tools weren’t flexible and didn’t provide enough visibility into sales activities.  As an owner who wanted to grow his business, Singprasert needed a solution that would make it easier to set and manage annual sales targets and engage with leads and customers.

“The previous solutions we tried didn’t have the features we needed to improve sales and marketing, and I had always wanted to try Salesforce and decided it was time to make that investment,” said Singprasert.

As a technology expert and hands-on owner, Singprasert implemented Salesforce himself and said it was easy to do with the help of resources from the Salesforce website. He started with Sales Cloud and tested it out himself before rolling it out to the sales team.

Turning selling into science

Riverplus gained value from Salesforce almost immediately as the sales team began recording all of their customers and activities in Sales Cloud and a complete and accurate picture of the business emerged. For the first time, Singprasert could track every sale and the company had information on customers which it could use to better engage with them and identify cross-sell opportunities.

“Selling is science. You can’t rely on what you think; you need detailed information to forecast and make sales. Salesforce gives us that information and helps us grow,” said Singprasert.

The company’s sales reps now spend 80% of their day working from Salesforce. It helps them to track opportunities and manage tasks and ultimately achieve their targets. With the recent adoption of Salesforce CPQ, it also saves them time managing quotes and contracts.

A single quote previously took 30 minutes to produce as sales reps looked through thousands of SKUs to find the right pricing and calculated total costs in spreadsheets. Now, quotes can be produced in five minutes with just a few clicks in Salesforce, saving the sales team up to two hours each day.

“Using CPQ has made our lives much easier and the tight integration of our sales and product data has given me greater insight into trends like which products we are selling the most,” Singprasert.

Converting 30% more leads

Building on its success with Sales Cloud, Riverplus adopted Pardot and uses it to engage with customers throughout their lifecycle. This includes setting up landing pages on Pardot which can be used to capture new leads from Google Adwords. Leads can then be qualified, scored and passed along to the sales team with details like how they arrived on Riverplus’ website and which information they clicked on. Riverplus is also using Pardot to automate the delivery of email campaigns. This includes monthly emails to promote new products as well as more personalised cross-promotion campaigns.

As a result of all of these activities, Riverplus has increased engagement with leads and customers and improved lead conversion by 30%. The company has also increased revenue by 4x since using Salesforce, including 2x growth in the first two years.

Now that Riverplus has large amounts of data about its customers, sales and products, it is exploring how it can use Einstein for new insights to help it grow even further. Quip is another solution the company is considering as it looks to improve collaboration and productivity.

Singprasert remains hands-on and is always seeking to find new ways of using Salesforce to grow and serve customers. “Salesforce continues to help us understand our customers better and improve our forecasts and sales so that we can keep growing and leading the delivery of industry 4.0,” he said. 


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