We deliver exceptional service based on trust and Salesforce helped us do this at scale.”

Rudy A. Dalimunthe | VP, Customer Excellence

Tokopedia lays out scalable and seamless customer service with support from Salesforce Professional Services

Tokopedia is widely known as an Indonesian technology company, with more than 90 million active users per month. Over the last decade, the company has evolved to offer services in financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, as well as new retail as part of its mission to democratize commerce through technology in Indonesia. Tokopedia’s growth during this time has been phenomenal and it has gradually increased headcount to keep up with demands for service. However, three years ago the company reached a tipping point where adding headcount wasn’t enough.

“As a company that runs on trust, we need to deliver exceptional service and we partnered with Salesforce to help us do this at scale,” said Rudy Azhary Dalimunthe, Vice President of Customer Excellence, Tokopedia.

When it came to the implementation of Salesforce, Tokopedia’s objectives were to optimise assisted channels like email and live chat as well as self-service. As a 24/7 business, Tokopedia also needed to ensure a seamless migration of data and zero downtime. To achieve these objectives and more, the company engaged Salesforce Professional Services to drive the implementation and provide ongoing support.

Zero downtime with a 360-degree view of customers interactions

To deliver on its goal of zero downtime, a Salesforce Solution Architect helped Tokopedia to plan and build an architecture for the successful migration of data and implementation of Service Cloud. The architect worked closely with Tokopedia’s internal DevOps team, helping to guide them in best practice and transfer knowledge. Tokopedia also consulted with Salesforce on how to best leverage Service Cloud to achieve their specific goals.

“By working with Salesforce Professional Services, we were able to benefit from their insights into how other successful customers were using Service Cloud. This helped us avoid going down a path of trial and error and accelerated our learning curve,” said Dalimunthe.

With support from Salesforce, Tokopedia completed the implementation of Service Cloud in four months, achieving its goal of zero downtime and gaining a 360-degree view of customers and all their interactions. One-month intensive training for Service Cloud and Social Studio was also provided during the initiation by Salesforce Professional Services.

Omni-channel customer management: Reducing 70% of repeated contact

The initial implementation of Service Cloud equipped Tokopedia’s customer care agents with a real-time view of customers’ orders and payments right inside the service console as well as automatic suggestions of Knowledge Articles. Together with streamlined case management, this supported agents to deliver more effective and personalised service. The next step for the company was to increase automation and enable a more connected experience through the use of Social Studio and social listening.

“At the size we are, we can’t only depend on human agents. We needed to maximise automation and make it easier for customers to self-service,” said Dalimunthe.

Tokopedia once again engaged Salesforce Professional Services for help in designing processes and workflows for more efficient and proactive service. To speed up service, Salesforce helped Tokopedia set up Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing to automatically direct enquiries to the right team. For example, any delivery questions are now routed right to a logistics expert rather than being passed between teams. This not only provides a better customer experience but has reduced the number of repeated enquiries by 70%. Salesforce has also helped Tokopedia develop a smart reply solution that is integrated with Tokopedia’s API. The reply is modified based on the order status, shipment status, and other information.

To provide more proactive service, Salesforce helped Tokopedia to implement Social Studio and set up social listening so that the company could quickly identify customer pain points. This lets Tokopedia view real-time trending categories related to its brand and also individual customer feedback. Leveraging the new Omni-Channel capabilities and predefined content known as Quick Texts, Tokopedia can better categorise and prioritise any complaints and respond faster. In some cases, they’re able to resolve issues before the customer even gets in touch.

Increasing customer satisfaction: Complaint to transaction ratio decreased by 90%

Through all of these initiatives, Tokopedia has successfully uplifted service while managing a 70% increase in customer interactions. Response times for customer care have improved by 40 percentage points and customer satisfaction has increased by 15 percentage points.

Always seeking to innovate, Dalimunthe said Tokopedia continues to seek advice from Salesforce on best practices and new opportunities. Dalimunthe added, “We’re continually asking Salesforce what we should do next and they’re able to provide that advice quickly. It’s a testament to their focus on not just selling us a CRM, but ensuring we get value from it that we need.”



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