By bringing together all our customer data, Salesforce helps us to understand our customers better and how to support them.”

Nguyễn Thị Huỳnh Cúc | CRM Manager

VitaDairy transforms with Salesforce to engage and take care of its customers

VitaDairy was founded in 2005 out of a passion for nutrition and health and, in the same year, the company provided three million glasses of milk for malnourished children in Vietnam via a community assistance program.

Since then, VitaDairy has established large-scale production facilities with advanced processes and technologies which ensure that every customer receives a quality product. The company remains committed to the nutrition of Vietnamese people and continually develops its products with a focus on three core values. These include science in nutrition, creativity in products, and being kind in how the company behaves with employees and partners. 

VitaDairy’s vision is to become one of the top three dairy companies in Vietnam and it is using  Salesforce to attract new customers and take care of existing ones.

Setting new goals for customer engagement

Prior to implementing Salesforce, VitaDairy worked with Vietnam-based consulting firm Gimasys to establish goals for customer engagement. These included finding and converting new customers, providing faster support, and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Gimasys then helped VitaDairy implement Salesforce to achieve these goals. 

The implementation was delivered within two months and involved connecting multiple systems and multiple departments for a single view of customers. 

“Gimasys helped us to clearly define our goals and optimise our use of Salesforce,” said Nguyễn Thị Huỳnh Cúc, CRM Manager at VitaDairy.


Gimasys helped us to clearly define our goals and optimise our use of Salesforce.”

Nguyễn Thị Huỳnh Cúc, CRM Manager, VitaDairy

Improving customer care

VitaDairy is now using Service Cloud to provide fast and efficient support across multiple channels and in multiple languages. This includes phone, text, and live chat on platforms like Facebook Messenger. 

Omnichannel routing directs enquiries to the next available agent and helps to reduce customer wait times. Agents also have access to Service Analytics which help them to provide faster support by recommending the next best action. They can also use Experience Cloud to communicate and support each other with Salesforce-related questions. 

All of these capabilities have helped VitaDairy to improve the customer experience and also scale customer support to handle a 111% increase in cases. 

“By bringing together all our customer data, Salesforce helps us to understand our customers better and how to support them. Salesforce also provides a flexible platform which helps us apply the latest technologies to our business activities,” said Nguyễn Thị Huỳnh Cúc.

Increasing customers and revenue

Salesforce has also helped VitaDairy to meet its goal to attract new customers and retain existing ones. For example, VitaDairy can segment leads and customers by brand or demographics like age or province. It can then target them with relevant ads on channels such as Facebook or YouTube. This personalisation has helped VitaDairy to drive up conversion rates. 

Using digital channels and telesales, for example, the company has been able to find and convert new customers and increase its revenue across channels. 

VitaDairy also used the same data-driven capabilities to promote its "Protecting Doctors 24h" campaign. This campaign called on the community to join together in protecting frontline doctors and support their mental health. 

The results from VitaDairy’s transformation are impressive, with a 340% year-on-year increase in customers - up from just over 71,000 in 2019 to well over 240,000 in 2020. VitaDairy is expecting an additional growth of 111% for 2021. 

Leaders within the company also have access to instant and accurate reporting which helps them to make quick decisions and develop new strategies for the future. More broadly, data has become an invaluable asset within the company and VitaDairy is using AI to leverage further insights. 

“AI is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding our customers and will help us to establish more data-driven strategies and further improve business performance,” said Nguyễn Thị Huỳnh Cúc.


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