"I’m able to manage our entire account team from anywhere with a single app, the Salesforce1 Mobile App."

-Sean Reid
VP Wholesale

Cultivating a communications network from the
ground up

As a premier wholesaler working directly with T-Mobile USA, Ameritel has cultivated a nationwide network of more than 3,500 retail dealers. From a single store in 1996, in Brooklyn, New York, Ameritel has grown into one of the most influential national providers of wireless services and retail partnerships. With warehouses in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, retail presence is now established in the Northeast, California, Georgia and Florida — with 70 company-operated stores.

Like any company, connecting with business partners, employees in the field, and new customers tops the priority list. With Salesforce, the ability to reach out to employees and retailers, track sales, and implement new strategies in real time has been a game changer. “Salesforce rolled out to the entire sales division, bridging the gap between the call center, sales teams, and training campaigns for dealers,” says Sean Reid, VP Wholesale.

Monitoring multiple aspects of company accounts in real time

Whether Ameritel is tracking existing or new accounts, inventory can be monitored from anywhere at anytime. Dealers’ purchases and visibility relating to dealer performance is tracked instantly as well.

“Half of our organisation works with mom and pop accounts that use us to sell T-Mobile. The other half works with wholesalers to supply them,” adds Reid. “Besides tracking dealer activity, we can place orders on-the-go. And the Salesforce1 Mobile App makes that happen.”

Ameritel strives to ensure the absolute best experience — internally, and for their customers. That’s why they use Salesforce — so they can continue to improve and surpass expectations.