EPIC MMA & Fitness

"With Salesforce, we are there for clients in the exact moment they’re looking for answers. Our online engagement is so much faster and more effective."

— Joey Lee-Pieterse,
Operations Director

Epic MMA flips fitness industry on its head with data-driven customer journeys

Hong Kong-based Epic MMA and Fitness is more than just a gym. It offers award-winning martial arts programs together with activities like CrossFit, yoga and nutritional counselling to help clients transform their lives through fitness.

Of course, finding time for fitness is never easy. This is particularly true in Hong Kong, a city well-known for its vibrant business community and buzzing nightlife. So to win customers and keep them engaged requires more than state-of-the art facilities and programs.

Kevin Fialko, co-founder and CEO of Epic MMA, said, “We were passionate about bringing our concept to Hong Kong and initially felt that if we built it, then people would come. When we changed that mindset to a more customer centric “Tell us what you want, and we’ll build it for you” then we saw our business take off.

It’s this customer first approach, underpinned by Salesforce, that’s helped Epic build a thriving fitness community in just two years.

Making every experience personal

The Epic journey for each client is a personal one. Some may want to master the art of Thai Boxing. Others are seeking to commit to fitness through both mind and body. Epic is able to provide a tailored experience for each individual within a like-minded community committed to health and fitness.

Today, these 1:1 journeys often begin online. Current and potential clients visit the Epic website where they are greeted by a live chat agent. The agent can answer their questions, book them in for a trial or even sign them up for membership on the spot.

“With Salesforce, we are there for clients in the exact moment they’re looking for answers. Our online engagement is so much faster and more effective,” said Joey Lee-Pieterse, Operations Director.

All information on leads and existing clients is captured in Salesforce which Epic uses to personalise marketing and support. This includes targeted offers and communication on everything from wellness supplements to new classes and even sign ups for talks by renowned visiting professionals.

Epic’s marketing transformation has led to an 800% increase in qualified leads per week. More than 250 of these are converted each month. What’s more, Epic has reduced its above-the-line marketing spend from HK$450K per month in its first year to zero today.

It’s an enviable result but the rapid growth has presented its own challenges along the way. The sales team were spending a third of their time on renewals, making it difficult to focus on new clients. Also, service was not as responsive as it could be with many inquiries taking days to resolve. These challenges led Epic right back to Salesforce and implementation partner Integrated Management Systems (IMS).

IMS led the digital transformation at Epic, which included connecting new apps from the Salesforce AppExchange to extend the benefits of the Salesforce platform and transform sales and service.

Today support staff respond to inquiries in minutes rather than days. The renewals process is faster and low-touch, giving reps more time to spend with clients – old and new. They interact face-to-face in the gym and capture more information to appeal to their interests and lifestyles.

Fialko said the entire transformation has been fantastic for clients and staff. “Our clients are loving the personalisation and the understanding of who they are and what they want, as soon as they come through the door. And we’re loving the growth in our business.”