" lets us offer world-class support with personality and soul."

—Jared Simon
COO and Co-Founder

Responding to customers 24/7 in 10 minutes or less with

In an industry where 24-hour response times are the norm, HotelTonight, a mobile app for last-minute hotel reservations, is unique. The company offers average response times of 10 minutes or less. Not only that, HotelTonight has gone international, serving nearly 500 destinations across 27 countries and five languages. With their business model hinging on serving customers in real time, it’s no wonder that HotelTonight’s customers expect ultra-responsive, mobile-friendly customer support. helps HotelTonight stay organized so they can deliver fast, effective customer support. “The only way we can reach our goal of responding to customers within 10 minutes any time of the day or night is by using,” says Jared Simon, HotelTonight COO and Co-Founder.

The company uses Sales Cloud to manage relationships with their 10,000 partner hotels. Automatic integration with ensures sales and service have complete customer views and can collaborate to help customers. also provides a way for HotelTonight to transmit customer information directly to any of their 10,000 hotel partners’ systems and track the exchange.

Tying all of the company’s systems together, also integrates with, HipChat, and Corporate Looker Analytics.

300% growth in bookings

Referrals are critical for HotelTonight, making customer service a revenue generator through return customers and positive word-of-mouth. With’s multilingual support, HotelTonight can easily communicate with customers, no matter the country or language.

Thanks in large part to this exceptional customer service, HotelTonight saw 300% growth in bookings over two years. To continue growing, HotelTonight relies on reporting features to track data, pinpoint issues, and identify trends to proactively improve customer service and product development.

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