"Before we had no way of tracking tweets"

- Jia En Teo
Founder, CEO

Salesforce keeps Roomorama Highly Responsive Across Time Zones

Roomorama is the goto provider for professionally managed, luxury accommodation for short-term rental, with properties in more than 4,000 destinations.

Adept at delivering a personal service to all of its customers, Roomorama had its hands full managing email enquiries channeled through the web, and making sure each one was satisfactorily addressed. As with every growing business, there comes a point where the administration effort outweighs the core objective, i.e. delivering a timely response to customer enquiries.

With that point in sight, Roomorama put out some feelers to find out what systems were out there to assist with streamlining customer service operations. The search highlighted Salesforce, with all of the inherent benefits of cloud computing, including ease of deployment and use, low maintenance and on demand scalability.

Channeling its customer service operations through has transformed the way Roomorama interacts with customers, both pre and post engagement.

As the central hub for customer interactions, every enquiry generates a ticket in, which travels seamlessly through workflow to resolution – no delays and no risk of enquiries falling through the gaps.

Twitter integration ensures call centre agents ‘catch’ customer tweets – these generating a ticket in exactly the same way as website enquiries.

“Before we had no way of tracking tweets,” says founder Jia En Teo. “We had a team in place to look for tweets but it relied on manual processes and there were no guarantees.”

Live chat within is proving especially popular with customer service agents, letting them ask questions and share information in real time. Combined with an intuitive interface that encourages users to navigate freely around the system and join communities that help them in their role, the result is a dramatic reduction in ticket response times.

“Typically, we turn around responses in six to 12 hours, where this might have taken three times as long under the old email based system,” says Teo. She adds that the increase in booking conversions is largely attributable to streamlining customer service within the new system.



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