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"Salesforce helps us collaborate across the organisation."

— Thomas Frossell
President, Global Head of Service

Delivering real-world information in real time

People today have very high expectations for timeliness. We all want — and expect — to find the information we’re looking for instantly. For many businesspeople, the best source is Thomson Reuters, a $13+ billion enterprise that provides financial information to the knowledge professional. “If we’re not there in real time with instantaneous information, it’ll be one of our competitors,” says Thomas Frossell, President, Global Head of Service.

An increasingly competitive marketplace — and the fact that the world’s financial institutions have been undergoing a major transformation since 2008 — is driving Thomson Reuters to completely change the way they do business in order to continue winning. “We were sitting in a position where our old, proprietary, on-premise environment was not going to keep pace,” says Frossell. “What we really needed was the ability to connect with our clients at all times, anywhere they might be. But our salespeople were tied to their desks.”

With Salesforce, Thomson Reuters now stays in touch with their clients 24/7. “The Salesforce1 Mobile App allows our field sales and account management professionals to fully leverage Salesforce for the reason we purchased it. Now our reps can use their ‘tools’ regardless of where they are,” says Bruce Werner, Director of Strategic Programs.

An employee social network has been a real game changer for collaboration. “It’s the best way for me to communicate with nearly four-thousand people right before I go to sleep or right when I wake up,” adds Frossell. “We have people all around the world, so when I’m going to bed, somebody’s waking up, and I want to tell them the key things that are going on.”

A path to closer connections

Where does the company go from here? “I think the next opportunity for us is how we use Salesforce to leverage social media and networking to bring us more business,” Frossell concludes. “How do we acquire more customers? How do we cross-sell customers? It feels like we are just getting started with social. There is a lot of potential there.”

Thomson Reuters is helping clients leapfrog competitors and navigate a complete shift in the financial marketplace. With the help of Salesforce, they’re winning new business by keeping one step ahead of a changing world.

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