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"We work one-on-one with students using Chatter to set them up for career success."

-Rebecca Joffrey
Career Development Director

Tuck collaborates to give students one-on-one career assistance

In this highly competitive job market, business students appreciate all the help they can get finding internships and post-graduate employment. The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, one of the smallest of the top ten business schools, prides itself on the close relationships the faculty and career development center have with its students. Tuck uses Salesforce Chatter to collaborate with hundreds of students and thousands of alumni—and to provide more personal career planning that can give its students an edge.

“Previously we used newsletters to communicate with alumni and students, and everyone got the same information,” says Rebecca Joffrey, Career Development Director. “With Chatter we can customise communications for each student, and we can address even the most niche information needs.”

Tuck began its social transformation by creating Tuckjobs, a student portal for career and networking information. The portal is available to currently enrolled students and will be rolled out shortly to thousands of alumni as well. A fully integrated private social network—based on Salesforce Chatter—helps Tuck’s career center connect with students and share the most relevant information for their job searches.

Students first experience Chatter before orientation—it’s how incoming students learn about available career services. The career development office also uses Chatter to deliver certain information and opportunities directly to the right audience—such as the marketing club, Spanish-speakers, or students looking for positions overseas. “Personal interaction is a hallmark of Tuck—and when we first started with Chatter, there was a fear that the personal touch would disappear,” says Joffrey. “Instead we found that Chatter helps us take our interactions even deeper.”

Connecting career needs with university resources

Salesforce also helps students sift through the wealth of information available from the larger Dartmouth community to find what’s interesting or relevant. Custom “playlist” pages, created by the career development office, consolidate information on specific businesses, including industry overviews, resources, job openings, alumni contacts, and more. “We’re making it easy for students to research the job market,” explains Joffrey, “So they can choose the career path that’s right for them, and get the position they really want.”

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
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