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"Chatter is an incredible way to strengthen our culture."

-David Cush

Virgin America keeps teammates connected with Chatter

"Fun" is not a word that's often associated with air travel, but then, Virgin America isn't like any other airline. Founded with the goal of "making flying good again," the company features new planes, attractive fares, top-notch service, and a host of entertaining, innovative amenities. Virgin America differentiates itself from competitors with a unique customer experience and culture that's fun and friendly. How does the company maintain its playful spirit through rapid growth? With Salesforce and social.

Founded just six years ago, Virgin America now has 2,600+ employees and flies to 18 cities in the U.S. and Mexico. To overcome the challenges caused by rapid expansion and maintain its fun-loving and people-oriented culture, the company depends on Salesforce and a Chatter social network to keep everyone connected.

"It's important to interact with everyone on our team and make them all part of our community," says David Cush, Virgin America's CEO. Although 90 percent of the airline's employees never sit at a desk or in front of a PC, they interact and communicate regularly using mobile phones and tablets. Cush continues, "Now, with Salesforce, they have a powerful tool to see everything that's going on at the company and stay aligned around our guests."

Virgin America replaced its aging intranet with VXConnect, a new social intranet powered by Chatter and the Salesforce Platform. With VXConnect, Virgin America teammates can communicate with coworkers, share information, solve problems, and work together to provide the best possible experience for guests. Chatter groups—like those created during recent storms on the East Coast of the United States—let users quickly share information on weather-related issues and delays.

Cush continues, "Chatter was the solution to keeping our teammates connected. It's a great way for us to strengthen our culture."

Taking the guest experience to a whole new level

For Virgin America, staying connected isn't just about helping employees communicate—it's also about personalising travel for its guests. In the future, the airline plans to expand its "Red" in-flight entertainment system to deliver an even better experience for air travelers.

Cush says, "Salesforce will put us well above where our competitors are. It's an integral part of our future."

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